What is your narrative for this?


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I always recommended extending downspouts to lower gutters or the ground and away from the foundation…


Downspout(s) Discharges to Roof Surface

I observed one or more downspouts that discharged to a roof surface. This can reduce the lifespan and integrity of the roof surface materials below due to large amounts of water flowing over the roof surface. Further evaluation and correction by a qualified professional is recommended.


Upper level downspouts were terminated onto the lower roof surface, this condition may result in excessive granular loss to the shingles at and downstream of the discharge point due to excessive volumes of water that will flow over them.


Standard practice around here. I don’t comment unless there is deterioration on the shingles.


About the same…except mine are on a thumb drive. :man_shrugging:


Your downspouts are on a thumb drive ???

Yes, one can store more on a thumb drive… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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In my opinion, this is where the problem really lies. Water will slow down/dam up behind it. Also, if that fascia does not have good clearance from the shingles, it will likely deteriorate rapidly due to extra volume coming out of the downspout.


The downspouts from the upper level roof drained onto the lower level roof, which is seen regularly. However it is improper and will void the roof covering warranty in that area with some companies. It is recommended that a qualified contractor install downspouts to the lower level gutter.


All this suggested narratives are awesome and very accurate. I will add a small detail/recommendation based on past experiences.

Concentrating downspout discharges onto a lower gutter must consider a proper design of the junction point to avoid overflow. The volume and speed of running storm water could be destructive in its own. I usually recommended replacing the standard gutters and downspouts for a lager cross section system (6+inches) to better handle the concentrated volume of water and also to avoid 90° Elbows in the downspout rundown, recommending proper aerodynamic turn point that reduce the inertia/momentum of a large splash at the junction point with the lower level gutter.

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Observation: Upper roof gutter downspout terminating directly atop a lower roof shingles thus dispersing roof water when it rains from the upper roof directly on to the lower roof shingles.
*Note: Moreover, to the right of the downspout termination, facing downstream, about 1’ foot away downstream is a raised roof corner transition, almost directly inline of the downspout termination where roof water streams, thus acting as an obstruction or wing dam impeding water flow. To the left, about 20, and facing downstream, is a low profile roof vent.
Recommend: A licensed gutter installation and service repair contractor:
1: orientate the downspout to accept a downspout extension to bypass the raised roof transition so a gutter extension can be installed and terminated into the lower roof gutter pan.

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