What Other Options Are There For Inspections

Just curious what other options are out there for Inspectors to get some money. Some things that I have heard of are below but wanted some opinions, suggestions, or advice on where I could get some more business. If you have done any of these or could give some detail as to how you began doing another revenue it would be greatly appreciated.

Property Damage Inspector
Draw Inspections
Underwriting Inspections
Structural Inspections
Mold Inspections

Depends on your market. Here in North Myrtle Beach I offer home monitoring services for clients that use their NMB home as a second home.

That is a really good idea. That would work in my area. How did you promote that and what are you charging?

Chris check prices in your area. I keep my prices cheap and check on the homes on my schedule when I perform inspections. Some folks like weekly visits and some monthly. Sometimes it’s only 5 minutes out of my way and 15 minutes in the home.

Google “field inspections”

Hi, Christopher. Here’s 7 ways to make more money: https://youtu.be/wItxk87YrUc. Hope that’s helpful or triggers some business ideas.

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That was very helpful Ben. Thank you.

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Have you looked up House Watch services?