What say you????

When saddles (crickets) are missing I never call these out other than putting their absence in my report what do you other folks say about this.

If the cricket/saddle flashing is missing, and the chimney warrants it, I recommend installing one.

If chimeny or chase is over 30 inches wide I point it out, under 30 inches it is not required.

This has always bother me as inspector I am aware of the IRC requirement of 30 inches but we are not suppose to be code inspectors but on the other hand it shortens the life of the chimney flashing. Many Many builders in this area take this as one of the cost saving short cuts I am not say that it is right. Just was wondering how many inspectors would place this on a repair list. I never have but perhaps I should.

I mention the lack of a cricket on any chimney and explain its function. The client can decide its importance. If it is a 30" wide chimney I refer to a roofer, under 30" I just suggest the client consider talking to a roofer.

I’ve seen some 24" chimneys (no cricket) that were leaking inside from pooled water…30" is not a magic number.


Ditto…Ditto… :smiley:

JAE I agree with you somewhat as every protrusion from the roof is a leak potential down to a plumbing vent. The IRC does have a magic # of 30 inches. My point is take a chimney that has exceeded 30 inches but is not leaking at the time of inspection and does not appear to ever have leaked in the past. This is a code violation not a repair and not all cities have adopted the IRC as a standard so my stand is just to note it in the report.

I agree with Jae. Part of what we do is education. Our recommendations are based on our own opinion of what should be in place. Code is not always based on common sense.

I don’t do do “code violations” and I don’t do repair. I see a potential concern and I inform my client.

Everything ever built either has failed or will fail. We just don’t know when that day will be. But each day gets one day closer to that “Failure day”.

So the chimney isn’t/hasn’t leaked–yet. But when is “yet”?? It will someday, so are you content to let the client be surprised if it should happen on their watch? Or would you rather educate your client to the possibilty based on past experiences. Past experience is the reason for codes. (If failure hadn’t occured in the past, the code would not have addressed it.)

I don’t quote codes in my inspections, but I do alert my clients to their existence, and the reason why codes do exist.

And the IRC isn’t not a magic book–30" is not a magic number. Would you say, if 30" is a “magic number”, that 29" will not fail? The code says 30" needs a cricket to avoid failure, but you’ve shown that it is not magic–the case you cited was over 30" and it hadn’t failed. Failure of the roof/chimney junction is not based on 30" inches–it’s based on that fact that water can pool in that area not matter what size the chimney may be.

Note it in the report, but there should be more education that that–the clients deserve to know as much as they can, and they hired you/me/us/them to do just that–educate.

Jae I agree with everything you are saying we do have to educate and I do not spout code in any reports. Lets say you have a brand new set of shingles on this roof and no saddle would you ask for the area of shingles to be removed and a saddle installed as a repair item or would you just inform your client that there is no saddle and it will shorten the life expectancy of the chimney flashing Yes or No please.

Can’t be YES or NO–there are two questions, one is YES and one is NO.

I would inform my client of the lack of cricket–

I would explain what could happen in such a case, that it could leak and cause damage–

Iwould NOT tell them it would shorten the life of the system–

I would recommend a licensed roofing contractor to evaluate and make recommendations for the roof.

Roofers are not required to be licensed in this State anyone can and do install thats one of the reasons we have these problems. Well the chicken is done have to go. Later and thanks

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Jae, I agree too. We see a lot of chimney chases damaged from water. Its good to know there are inspectors like you and others who are out there educating homeowners. Keep up the good work eveyone! -Tom