What type of roof decking is this considered on Wind Mitigation?

I did a wind witigation in Fl. Client has wood shake shingles re roofed in 2014. When observed in attic. He has the original batten boards. But when reroofed added 1x4 between existing battens. There is still at minimum 3/4” to 1” gaps between boards.
I gave him the lesser credit of batten boards A credit. He insists that it should be the C credit considered dimensional lumbar. I’ve always been under the impression when dimensional lumbar is considered there should not be such big sized gaps between boards.
Long story short my client is not happy. If anyone has input I would appreciate your thoughts on what credit level this would be on the wind mitigation.

I’d give it to him…dimensional lumber.

I thanks for the reply. I think that’s what I’ll do label as dimensional lumbar with a photo and let underwriting decide.