Wind Mitigation - staples in new roof dimensional lumber

I’ve got a question for you smart folks… Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere already, I’ve been looking through the posts for a bit now with no luck.

Do staples qualify for question #3 Roof Deck Attachment option C on the Florida Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/12) Adopted by Rule 69O-170.0155?

As I understand it they do not. It seems to me that anything but an 8d nails (smooth/screw/ring shank) lands on option A, but I have recently been informed by a very experienced & knowledgeable inspector (that I respect very much) that I was incorrect. He stated the staples still qualify in dimensional lumber because of the superior strength/friction(??) of the dimensional lumber over OSB or plywood. So under the “-OR - Any system of…” line.

But I have found nothing to prove that a min of 2 staples per board provides the same uplift resistance as the 8d nails. But I have found staples installed on many newer roofs (the one I inspected yesterday was reroofed with county permit/inspection in 2007) with dimensional lumber which along with his new comment, has me questioning my thought processes.

Thanks in advance for your assistance :smiley:

info here

Thanks for the great link Roy! There is a lot of good info there. I am quite aware of the issue with using staples for the install of the shingles themselves (that’s been banded for some time here in FL) but I was looking specifically on the uplift strength of 2" staples used to secure the roof deck to the trusses.

Any info on that?

Your mentor is incorrect. Dimensional lumber with medium crowned staples gets either A or Other, unless you have difinitive engineering that allows B or C on the 1802 form.

Thank you Brad. I didn’t want to get folks denied for a credit they could otherwise receive due to a lack of knowledge.

Anytime. You should post wind mitigation questions in the Florida section.

The form states, “nails”.