What Website Forum Do You Use

I’m just trying to find information on what kind of wesite providers everyone is using, along with avr. pricing if possible… Currently doing research on setting up the buiness and any information that you can provide is appriciated…

Thanks alot

Adam Veitenheimer

Also, has anyone used Homestead.com? Seems like there prices are a bit steep, but I’m still learning so I don’t know…

Thanks Guys


Register your domain and hosting for $18 p/yr.
or… you can take it up for more benefits.

Nachi …I believe provides a free site to get started.

Go Daddy !

Now do these sites have website building tools or no?

Go Daddy does

Call Dominic …and he will give you all the options.

ok great thanks guys

Adam, shoot me an email at Dominic@HomeInspectorPro.com


Response sent :wink:

That’s the only way to go! Before you register do a search for “godaddy promotional codes”. Save some $$$


Judging from previous posts it sounds like you might be on a budget. If this is the case, you can get a free domain name and hosting through microsoft live. They also provide site tools to create a website. www.smallbusiness.officelive.com


Me too.

Me three;-)

I’ve bought a few domains through go daddy but actually prefer yahoo.com to be honest. The problem with godaddy is that they try to sell you everything including the kitchen sink when you’re trying to get a domain name. I’ve recommended lots of inspectors go purchase domains through godaddy and most of them end up calling me to ask if they need some of the features they are trying to push. On yahoo it’s simple, buy domain, you’re done. Price is basically the same too.

yes ive been on that site a few weeks ago and that was my choice, but did they change the setup, the first time i went onto that site they had options for completely free, free 2 mos then 19.99 and up, but now i cant find these kind of options… am i looking at the right site?

It’s microsoft, they are going to try and get money from you somehow :slight_smile:

I am using yahoo and am fairly happy with it. I went to Godaddy, thinking about trying a second service for a second website, because it sounded cheap, but by the time I was ready to check out it was more than yahoo.
For 9.95/mo (discounted from 11 or 12 due to being an at&t customer) I get everything I need including a decent website builder. The website builder was the deal killer for me on godaddy.