What were these copper lines for?

Does anyone know from this pic what these copper lines were used for? They come into a basement room that used to have a furnace in it. The furnace is gone, there is a flue nearby. I’m thinking oil or propane, but not sure if either of those can be confirmed or ruled out.

They are currently not in use, Seller doesn’t know more than that.


I’d be looking to the exterior for any clues on a possible underground oil tank.

Yes, an underground oil storage tank…

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They were from an oil tank. Many tanks had 2 lines, one for supply and one for return. Marcel is right look for an old underground tank or at least refer it out to look for it. It is VERY expensive to remove one and you don’t want to get caught up in that.

Especially one that has leaked.

I was wondering what the second line was for…

thanks, I will be looking for a tank.

There’s nothing obvious on the exterior, will probably have to dig or find a pro to use radar or something to figure the next thing out.

If you don’t see a vent pipe or a fill pipe, that is usually a good sign that the tank if there was one, has been removed.
You can never be sure though, and best to recommend someone dig down to those copper lines at the exterior to make sure they have been abandoned and nothing connected to them.
Like Chuck mentioned above, it can cost an absorbent amount of money if the ground area is contaminated.

Regardless, cover yourself. Below is what I would report:
• Possible Major Concern, Investigate: We observed evidence that suggests the presence of an abandoned underground fuel storage tank LOC. Assessing the condition an underground fuel storage tank (including whether or not it is leaking and/or if soil contamination has occurred), is beyond the scope of a home inspection. In recent years, many home insurance companies have stopped writing home insurance policies for properties with underground fuel storage tanks, due to the leakage risk and potential for a costly environmental cleanup (in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars).

As stated above… STRONGLY recommend having a PROFESSIONAL investigate with ground radar or any other method they choose.
I know someone who missed a burried tank. Remediation came to almost 2 Million!

DO NOT take this lightly!