What would an Agent say the disadvantages of getting a home inspection are?

Hi everyone. I was just wondering what most agents that don’t have their clients get inspections say to them? What their point of views are etc.

The only ones who don’t advise a home inspection are the ones who are planing to fly to Brazil as soon as the commission check clears.

Any agents who actually give a darn about their client will advise to get one.

I think you’re confused. Agents aren’t going around telling people the disadvantages of home inspections.

I know several that kind of hint that way. “I wouldn’t , it’s not very old, but it’s your choice” has been heard

It’s as is.

We’re their free insurance policy. Why wouldn’t they want an inspection?

The home inspection is only a disadvantage to the seller, and only for that particular sale at that particular time. If he loses the sale, then he has the advantage of knowing what needs to be addressed for the next prospective buyer.

It is one of, if not the most important part of the RE transaction, and is a benefit to the RE agent who wants to have and keep a satisfied client.

Exactly. It moves the liability from then to us. That’s how the industry was created.