Teach A Realtor- Give me two items

I’m looking for your input working with new realtors. I’m running a class and looking for your input.

Give me TWO items you wish all new Realtor’s knew about the inspection process, SOP, etc?

Thanks for your input

I want them to know this…

“A home inspection is a high-liability,in-depth, multi-disciplined technical analysis of the home conducted under adverse circumstances in front of a demanding audience, requiring the generation of an incredibly detailed written report prepared in an unrealistically short time frame for an inconceivably low fee.” :D:D

Excellent! But technically more than two items. :grin::grin:

I tried my best…:p:twisted:

Prepping the house for inspection.
Clearance around major appliances, access to attic clear, access to panel clear etc…

Thanks Roy. Consider that one done! I appreciate your input. Its always good going out the the community to contribute.

Have the utilities on, throw all breakers as to have us inspect all electrical systems properly.

(1) Home Inspectors cannot “kill a deal”. The deal falls apart when the buyer and seller cannot come to agreeable terms, and the agent doesn’t possess the necessary skills to negotiate properly. It’s the real estate agent’s job to hold the deal together–not the home inspector’s.

(2) Recommending a great, well trained home inspector who does great, in-depth inspections will reduce agent liability, and produce a satisfied client. Recommending the cheapest, or fastest home inspector who writes “soft reports” to keep agent referrals will produce a client who may move into a money pit, and will be angry with the realtor, the seller, and the home inspector, when their home reveals its defects at the expense of the new home owner.

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. Your clients rely on you to guide them through a complicated and sometimes stressful process. Demonstrate to them that their trust in you is justified by referring them to 1st Pro Inspection. Our experience, training and professionalism will deliver the information your clients need.
The best advertising is a happy client…:smiley:

Just a little marketing .

A home inspection WILL take more than 30 minutes

I agree with Michael Bitterman … I wish I had a $1 for ever Realtor who replied after asking how long it would take was “Really that long” … typically 2 - 3 hours.

Wish I have 50 cents for every Realtor responding to cost for inspection … why is it so high.

So my two items: length and cost of inspections

Ok Michael, it’s time for you to wake up from your nap now! :wink:

Your dream is a RE Agent “nightmare”! :shock:

I have always had better luck with; “What a Home Inspection is NOT”.

It is even more important that a HI knows what an Inspection is NOT…

Prep the home, difference between a agent that wants their client in a home they’ll be happy and safe in vs. one that wants the commission asap.

My biggest grief is not having all the Information about the Client and Property at the time the appointment is set.

They always want to know if you can do it, but are calling from the grocery store or something. Later, is either confusing or non-existent. Then you have to collect all that at the inspection.

I have a phone message link to my web for all information needed, but they just don’t do it for some reason.

Preparing the house is the least of my concerns.
If you can’t inspect something, they will only let that happen once.

That goes hand in hand with “What an Inspection is Not”. An inspection does not cover things not observable or accessible at the time of inspection.

I have many well trained Agents that I frequently work with.
They even recite things I frequently address in the Inspection out-briefing after a while.

The reason for most problems with Agents (is the same you have with clients) is lack of communication between Inspectors and Agents. It is the Inspectors responsibility.

First item a Realtor should have tattooed on their brain is


On their forehead would be better so they read it every morning in the mirror.
Spelled backwards of course. :wink:

My dream is to go an entire month without pissing off at least one RE.

I did it in January 2016, but only had 18 inspections that month.

I’m still dreamin’ :mrgreen:

Keep on dreamin brother! :slight_smile:

Don’t try to convince me about how great the house is and what good shape it is in.
I don’t need their help.