What would be some advantages?

In my area there is only ONE inspection firm offering Thermal Imaging that I know of. I would expect that if someone else did, that they would advertise the hell out of that!

So only ONE that I know of and they will do a complete home inspection for $260 and if you add Thermal Imaging they add $30. Is that low?

I was figuring that you could demand a higher fee then that for adding TI bacause of all the benefits you would get with it.

I had another inspector tell me that he doesn’t do it because the Utility company;s do it for free to optimize your energy efficiency. But that is just for energy efficiency. TI does so much more then that.

As a one man operation, would it be beneficial to me to offer TI, of course after getting certified, since only one other offers it?

They also don’t have pricing for ONLY TI inspections. Isn’t this a hot area to get into! To offer TI separate as well as combined with a reg. inspection?

Or am I missing something here? Maybe I have not put enough thought into this.

Would love to here some thoughts on this.:smiley:


Very low. I don’t even offer it right now and I know inspectors charging 3,4,5,6, and even more times that much!

Learn the technology. Offer the service and market, market, market and it will pay dividends.

Lots more than that and that is what you are offering your client. Learn your stuff and you can explain in detail the benefits of this service you provide. Set yourself up as the go to guy in your area for thermal imaging. Obviously now is a good time for you to be the first.


The more services you offer, the more you differentiate yourself from everyone else. The more services you offer, the more earning potential you get.

You are definitely on the right track!

Would love to here some thoughts on this.:smiley:

80 views. Maybe someone that offers this service will offer more insight for you.

Good luck!

I appreciate YOUR response for sure. I was actually hoping for John to jump in on this or one of the other guys who offers it.

I know the questions may seem silly but they are questions I really would like some input on since I am kicking this around for offering this myself.

I can’t expect everyone to put my thread first in line. I will just keep waiting and eventually someone will answer.

It’s all good!:smiley:

Your questions are very good.

Yes, I see low ballers in the TI area, just as they are everywhere. So you will have
to advertise your certification, thoroughness, and advanced methods to justify
your higher prices.

If you get ahead of the pack and become the major brand name in your area
to have the TI service, then it will pay for itself for years to come.

Once you get the TI service going, you will get calls from contractors and
insurance companies looking for moisture issues (before destructive methods).
You will get calls from people wanting to know about energy issues and
moisture issues. You will also get more calls from high end home buyers
who are purchasing very expensive homes and want to a TI scan. Plus
your normal home inspection orders will be enhanced because of TI as
you will find electrical, moisture, energy, structural and HVAC issues on
a regular basis.

It will pay for it self.

I am interested to. However, I heard the equipment is very expensive to purchase outright. On the other hand I heard you can rent or lease the equipment? If so who would rent this type of equipment and for how much?

In my research I have found that it would be more economical to bite the bullet and just buy the equiptment.

Some of the leasing and rental places want STUPID prices for leasing/renting.

I think I will bite it and just buy a camera and software and start making my money back.

I will be contacting John soon to make this all happen!



If you don’t mind me asking how much were they asking to lease the equipment? And if you bite the bullet how much are you looking at investing into your own equipment?


Camera = $4500
Class = $500

Add $150 to each inspection and pay for expenses in 2-3 months.
No brainer.

I was at a FLIR open house yesterday and the cost of rental came up. It’s pretty expensive to rent - about $1,200 (I think) for the BCam, a month. But I believe 80% of that cost can be put towards the cost of the camera if you want to buy it. Or you can rent it weekly for about $250.

I suppose that it might be worth it to Rent to Own a camera but you would ultimately pay more for it in the long run. $250 a week is Stupid money to pay for rental if they don’t apply any of it toward a purchase. I would just as soon save the money and buy one outright.

I agree John. “No brainer”!

The cost sounds like it would be made back pretty quickly.

What’s the demand for TI? Do many people know about the technology? I have never been asked yet during a phone call if I offer TI. For those of you offering it (say your caller didn’t realize you offered it) is it a pretty easy sell on top of the normal home inspection fee once you explain it to them?


It requires you to educate people and your web page and pictures really
help a lot. That is why we created the nachi.tv report called a
“Consumer Guide To Infrared Thermography”. I can show you how
to embed this TV report into your web page. Once people understand
what TI does, most do not want anything less.

http://texas-inspection.com (see example of embeded video)
http://www.nachi.tv/episode33 (actual TV report)