What's going on here?

  1. No moisture detected, air infiltration only
  2. Absent insulation, knob set and weather stripping at attic access knee wall door…but why so hot, you ask? What’s on the other side?
  3. Evap coil during heat cycle
  4. WTF…this is an old Magic Chef gas furnace…had the attic heated to 121.6°F outside temp was 41[FONT=Verdana]°F and dropped to 35°F during the insp. How much money do you think they’ve wasted year after year?[/FONT]
    *][FONT=Verdana]Vinyl frame Argon IGU with cold air pooling at bottom of the panes[/FONT]

Hey, Barry, How do you differentiate between air infiltration and moisture?

When did you get a camera? Didn’t know you were into this also.

Marcel:) :smiley:

Barry, Was that heat in the attic from flame rollout at the combustion chamber?

Hard to see in IR, but that is a horizontal flow furnace with natural convection flue with a big air brake box at the flue connection?

I don’t reveal everything at once takes all the fun/misery out of getting to know me. laugh

Noted the '83 unit, excessive heat and very poor very constricted installation of the retro-fit flex supply ducts.

?heat shield/insulator absence? New to me.

Ah! Now I see the (visible) light! :slight_smile: