What's new in Florida???

Hello to all!

I was out of the country for few months, could somebody give some updates about what is cooking with the Florida legislation??

Manuel Perez
Precision Point Home Inspections

Hello Manuel,

Things have been rather quite here (thank god). It is my understanding that we are going to have something similar to what we had last year less the mold. The best advice I can give is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Thank you Greg, let’s see what happen then, see you in the Convention…

I have recently been asked if there is room at the Convention for a round table discussion on FL licensing, is anybody in?

Count me in.

Might be a good idea if someone within NACHI had a clue about the current direction or had some inside information from the DPBR, otherwise it is simply speculation. What happened to NACHI’s lobbyist? FABI’s lobbyist met with the FABI BOD in December and reported the current situation in great depth. Which I am currently not at liberty to discuss.

So easy to find out via the public information act. Kind of be neat to see where the money trail goes.

The lobbyist for FABI was also the lobbyist for the mold bill. With that fact I wouldn’t put to much faith in anything that he told the FABI BOD. It seems that he is serving more than one master. Since adding the mold killed the bill last year we know where his true allegiance lies.

HB 153 - Home Inspection Services

GENERAL BILL by AllenHome Inspection Services: Provides requirements for practice as a home inspector; provides definitions and exemptions; provides prohibited acts and penalties; requires liability insurance; exempts certain persons from duty to provide repair cost estimates; provides limitations; provides for enforcement of violations.Effective Date: January 1, 2007. Last Event: Withdrawn prior to introduction on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 1:31 PM

Does anybody know what is going on with Florida legislation ?

Looks like not much.

Joe Burkeson: Read what Greg Bell wrote. Greg is correct. With lobbyists like FABI’s who needs enemies? I think we’ll stick with Blaine Wiley, Jay Schwartz, FAPHI, Harvey, and others.

Sounds like… See No Evil, Hear No Evil & Speak No Evil, whatever works for you, but just for your own peace of mind you might want to ask them if they even know one member of the DBPR on a first name basis. :mrgreen:

Since I have your attention, will you be attending the new chapter meeting on January 21 here in Florida? I was speaking this weekend with Mike Rowan and trying to get him to attend, he said he thought you weren’t coming, what gives?

No, I was never a speaker at that meeting. Deanna is going to talk about Certified Master Inspector though. And I’ll be at www.nachi.org/convention2006.htm the next week of course.

On the subject of licensing, one must understand that licensing nearly triples the number of inspectors wherever licensing is enacted (it holds out no one and attracts everyone). Great for NACHI… but not so great for NACHI members. If you have a certain local maket share which you have developed and control… one sure way to lose it all, is to have licensing come in. Licensing is such a bare minimum standard that anyone get get one. Any bozo who got his license yesterday is “as licensed” as any veteran inspector.