What's ruling on New York State lead paint

Someone called today about a lead paint inspection that’s requested by homeowners insurance agent? I just suggested to call environmental abatement service. How do I get qualified for this service?

EPA Lead Based Paint Inspector Course

Big apple Occupational Safety Corp Does Training.
212 564-7656

Thank you ,I’ll give them a call.

Never heard of an insurance agent requesting this, or an insurance company. Ususally, peeling paint is noted in the inspection for cost of replacement, performed by te carrier, not the agent.

As to lead paint, assume that all homes constructed prior to 1978 have it at some level.

NY State lead paint disclosure simply asks the seller if they are aware if lead paint exists in the home. Regardless of age, all state that they do not know.

The insurance company is looking for a lead paint hazard or risk assessement inspection. The condition of the paint- is it peeling, chipping or cracking.
They usually require a inspector that is certified.


Thank you for the clarification and info!