NYS Lead Paint Inspections, Risk Assessors

Anyone have any ideas on what the qualifications are, and if there is any licensing. I was told that there was but can’t find it on the state web site.

Mucho $$$$ to do it right. XRF equipment is very expensive. I was certified as a lead inspector and lead risk assesor through the University of Illinois and it has not done me any good. You need states to push for lead abatement programs or lead regulation at public schools and ask for federal $$$$$ blah blah… If you’re bored …Go For It.


Three day 8hours course, test on the 3rd day. About $420.00 Plus $100.00 to the state for the certification

Pat Maietta

Pat, If you don;t mind can you send all the details to housedetectiveny@aol.com
I am very interested, especially since HPD now requires lead paint risk assessment.


Lead & Asbestos Training- State certified

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Pat Maietta
Lower Hudson Technology

Thanks Pat, just checked out the site and sent for info.

I’m really shocked at the number of people who are not interested in having their homes tested for lead paint, considering the problems it can cause in both children and adults alike.

I was reading this article on a site that highlights the problems with lead paint here: http://www.lawsuitsearch.com/toxic-products/lead-paint.aspx.

I give this link to all of my clients when I suggest testing a new home purchase. After they read about the issues that Lead Paint can cause, they tend to agree that $300 is a small price to pay. If they refuse, I refuse the client…not because I am trying to get extra money out of them, but I have a nephew who has development disorders because of eating lead paint chips.

Best, and keep up the good work…

Just to be clear, you recommend LBP testing for a “new home purchase”.
But an important point is that there is no need to test any Post-1978 constructed dwelling. That was the year lead was banned in paint.