What's the point?

Encountered this one on Saturdays condo inspection. They used a condensate pan for a suspended style evaperator coil and ran the drain line to the middle of the utility room. There was a floor drain close by, but not in direct line with the discharge path of the condensate line.


Did the floor run downhill? :shock: :roll:

Floor was level and the drain was about three foot away from the point of discharge. The floor drain had a cover on it that raised it slightly above floor level.

That makes sense. It matches the rest of the design. :wink:

No need for the pan, it’s going to run onto the floor anyway.

Cap drain and install a float safety switch.

I found a similar “whats the point” issue today. A furnace flue along a vinyl covered wall, next to the SEC, along a walkway. The good news is that there were no windows close by.

That’s A Classic. :slight_smile:

In snow country?

I don’t think so…

Isn’t that the secondary drain pan?


It would be nice if it held water.

Wouldn’t that just make it a pan? :slight_smile:


Add a float switch and it’s got a job it can accomplish.