what's Up With NACHI IT Staff?

I use several browsers I have never seen so many broken AVATARS and Profile issues.

Even Nicks profile pic is missing though his avatar is OK.


I changed mine today and had to play for a while to get it right.


Where have you been? It’s been this way for over a month.

Earlier this afternoon I kept getting “the server is busy” message after logging in and trying to search post.

I know.

Just trying to get Nick to pay attention.

He too busy defending terrorists I guess.:shock:

You might have to upload your Avatar again since we upgraded servers. I had to as well.

I did, and a few days later they went A-T-H again! I just re-uploaded again yesterday. We’ll see how long it lasts.

This is the real issue that our IT Department is struggling to build infrastructure fast enough to handle: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/international-association-certified-home-inspectorss-inspector-website-just-got-its-20-millionth-unique-visitor-100985/

Like I said. I can see your avatar but not view your pic in your public profile.

I uploaded just now. Thanks.

I still can’t see your profile pic. Only your Avatar.

What browser are you using?

Can’t see yours either.

I can see Nicks now.

In Opera anyway.

I was using Opera on Android (lollipop) phone. Now using latest version of FF desktop. Can’t see it on either.

By “profile” pic, I assume you mean “signature” pic, which is what I don’t see?

For the record…

Nicks Profile pic is of him in a suit and tie,
His Avatar is the CMI logo,
His Signature pic is not showing to me.

No, the pic you see when you view someone’s profile

I can see your JRJ an Nicks pic but not Chris

I can see his CMI avatar.

I can see his profile pic.

With Opera a little icon of his signature pic was showing, nothing on FF.

Same here, with Safari.

Fixed all 3 of mine, signature PIC, public profile PIC and Avatar.

Now I see them all.