What's wrong with this picture?

Anyone see the problems?

113 Jefferson Rd. High Shoals, Ga. Draw ins. 020.jpg

113 Jefferson Rd. High Shoals, Ga. Draw ins. 023.jpg

Yea, Someone left a piece of re-rod and a water bottle in the middle of the floor… What were they thinking!!!

See anything else?

How far are the studs apart

Lack of green wood?

#1 Re-rod is not approved for a grounding rod. It is not adequately buried anyway. Should be outside.
#2 Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the wood is womanized. and it is on contact with a concrete floor.
#3 Unsecured wiring. 12-2, prob for an outside outlet, put a few staples in it.
#4 If this is an outside wall, why the heck didn’t they use cellulose??

I think i see a 2x4 stuck under the concrete

That piece of rebar may be the turned up stub from a Ufer ground.

Rebar is used for grounding in almost all modern construction. It’s referred to as a Ufer ground, and is the preferred method for grounding a system.

I see no problem here.

I see them often in access panels in garages. I’ve seen a couple in basements as pictured too.

Exactly…I believe Jim’s got it.

Well, unless that wall is going to be built out some more, i do see a slight problem.:shock:

The rebar stub up is for bonding the steel so there is not a difference of potential from other metal components of the home. That’s why the plumbing system is bonded so that if some how the plumbing or steel in the slab were to accidentally become energized electrically it will trip the breaker. It needs to have a path back to the ungrounded conductor (neutral) at the service to trip the breaker.

You’re correct Jim. Apparently your post hadn’t been “approved” before I posted mine. . .

Actually Gary, that is the grounding electrode.

Just read up on an Ufer ground, Never needed it here, we have more water here than any other state :slight_smile:

I stand corrected. Thanks Jeff

Lack of PT bottom plate on the concrete.