What's Your Narrative on This One?


The heating system was installed using the theory of natural selection. Sleep tight.


Call the ME

The one who made the bed got it right.

I believe its on the “Menu” at San Quentin’s Death Row…some say its better than lethal injection :shock:

  1. Carbon Monoxide
  2. Electric Chair
  3. Lethal Injection
  4. Non of the Above
  5. You must make Two Choices above Number 5–:stuck_out_tongue:


Room should be quite comfortable during the winter months. I would recommend to the realtor that this feature be included in the listing information.

Since nobody here will come right out with it then it is up to me to mention the actual issue .
Some idiot Inspector left a sensitive electronic instrument on a hot furnace.:twisted:

That is a Thermal Imaging Cam …Condo…

The Inspector is on the floor, at the other side of the bed…

Ben just hasn’t shown us that portion of the photo “Yet”—:stuck_out_tongue:

It appears that the furnace was installed wrong. Recommend the furnace to be lifted, placed horizontally and installed on solid cement blocks. This will allow the vent pipe to have the proper pitch of 1/4 per foot rise up to the breech in the chimney. LOL :smiley:

I would say welcome to TN

"The wall furnace is improperly installed, allowing for Carbon Monoxide to escape into the room. This represents a considerable health risk, and may cause death, respiratory and circulation problems, and dillusions. Some peoplz hav scatterd … thouhgt… and … Oh look! A Ghost!

Whats wrong with my furnace??? It works good.
Hey, why was Ben in my house???

WOW I thought I was all along LOL Glad to see that the handy man is all over the country, ITS CALLED JOB SECURITY !!! For all of us.

Having trouble sleeping? Don’t want to take addictive pills? We have the solution.

Depends on the purpose/occupant of the room:cool:

e.g. - “The heating contraption located in the Mother-In-Law Suite is functioning as intended and is professionally installed”

Looks like the mother-in-law’s new room to me.

Thank you. I needed that one!

That would be a caption contest winner!!!