When a high-efficiency condensing furnace is operating...

When a high-efficiency condensing furnace is operating, a quart of condensate water may drain out every 30 minutes. That’s a lot of water. [FONT=Verdana]

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If the water is draining to a condensate pump, I recommend that a water alarm be installed in case of failure of the pump or circuit serving the pump.

Excellent video, Ben.

Great info.

And they want to install a humidifier ! Just shows how much moister is in air and gas mix . :D:D:D

Allan…the moisture/condensate in question is contained within the flue exhaust piping system. The condensing stage of a 90%+ gas furnace develops super heated flue gases to the point of extracting additional moisture from the flue discharge as it travels out the PVC vent piping. The reason for sloping the PVC vent piping back toward the furnace is to collect this acidic condensate in a condensate pump, that can then control the location of discharge to the outside in a safe location. IMHO