High efficiency furnace condensate drain line

I inspected a house that had the high efficiency furnace installed in a dirt floor crawlspace and the condensate drain line just dripped into the dirt. I called it out on my report so the homeowner called the installer of the furnace who said it is a correct installation being that there is no specific code in Minnesota prohibiting this method. I have also seen installations in concrete floor crawlspaces where the condensate drips into a vertical PVC pipe beneath the unit, but the pipe just terminates into the sand beneath the slab. I suspect that this is a bad way to do this as any excessive moisture should be conveyed away from any part of the structure. Thoughts?
David Strunk
Surety Home Inspections
Hackensack, Minnesota

All…ALL condensation drains shall drain to the exterior of the structure.
Yep! unless other provisions have been made.

Thanks Roy, I’m sure that it is often the case that contractors that have made mistakes or were simply too lazy to do their job do not like to be called out so they try to besmirch the inspector.

Have the installer put it on paper that condensation terminating in crawlspace is okey-dokey. Then let them deal with any repercussions that may result.

When in doubt, write it up, let the buyer decide. What both Chris and Roy said.

A condensing furnace puts out around 5 gallons of water per day. How much water does it take to attract WDI or grow mold?