When taking pics, iPhone or Digital Camera

Should I use my iPhone or my digital camera ( Canon Power Shot ELPH 180 ) when taking photos during a home inspection for best results of uploading pics to software, pics quality, and ease of use

My inspection software is on my phone therefore I use the phone for photographs that are going to get used in the reports. Some software automatically lowers the resolution in the report.

I use a separate camera to take my documented photographs of the house. These are the photographs of every wall ceiling and floor. These stay on a back up drive for a very long time.

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I use both.

I use a Note 9 with my inspection software loaded onto it so it loads the picture in the report exactly where I want it to, and I also use a Nikon Cool Pix in some areas such as attics, finished basement, garages that are being used as storage units, etc…

The answer will depend on the software that you use and the way you work. Experimentation will decide what works best for you. While I have software on my phone that allows pictures directly from the phone, I generally just take separate pictures with a Nikon Coolpix and load them later. This is my form of “notetaking.” It allows me to take more pictures than I will use, I can use high resolution and make them smaller for the report later. Generally I find it gives me more flexibility for taking pictures; zoom, macro. lighting…etc.

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I suspect you will find success using either.

For me, I use a Cannon Powershot SX620 HS. I love the zoom. I use a camera vs a phone for many reasons:

  1. Habit.
  2. I never worry about battery life. I keep a couple back-up batteries at all times.
  3. I prefer to use an SD card for photo uploads.
  4. If I drop my camera, I did not lose both a camera and a phone.
  5. I do not use mobile software and I do not write reports in the field, so mobile photo’s not needed.

There will be just as many reasons to use a mobile phone or tablet. Best of luck!

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I use my phone. The image quality of the iPhone 11 is amazing.

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Just as a footnote to my earlier post, before you spend hundreds on a camera take a look at what you can find on E-bay. My Nikon Coolpix S-4 Died recently (2005 model w/10x). I liked it so much I found an identical model on e-bay and bought a Coolpix P100 (2015 model 26x) for a backup also on ebay. I paid about $100.00 for both. There are some reputable sellers and good deals. Beats buying new!

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I use my camera, phone, and tablet. Software is on tablet so it makes it quicker for report writing but if a pic goes on the report I will take several more with the camera as backup at various angles. I use the phone for items that I may need to post in the forum about for questions/answers/examples or marketing purposes.

I don’t do onsite reporting. However, I use a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Great phone, 108mp, 100x zoom.

I also have a Canon SX620HS, 20.2 mega pixels, 25X optical zoom, for a backup camera.