So, I’m trying new software and am trying to MANAGE photos and their integration with the software. I want to only insert IMPORTANT pics in to the report. However, I want to capture 100-200 pics per inspection for my records, etc. Question: I’m using an iphone/ipad. Do you use the iphone/ipad for the pics that make the report and use a CAMERA for the bulk photos? Sees difficult to use only the iphone/ipad and have to switch programs…Thanks

I often switch between my app and my camera, and I don’t see where the problem is. Tap on your home screen button, open the camera, take the pic, and return to your reporting app.

In my app (HomeHubZone), I can snap as many pics as I want without assigning deficiencies to them and they all export to the same folder for archiving or later use.

I never try to use a phone or tablet as a camera unless I have to take a picture behind something and sometimes super up close.


Why on earth not? I find that a good phone camera runs circles around a DSLR or other “real” camera when it comes to ease of use, ability to handle low light situations and (as you alluded to) close-up work. The reporting app I use integrates the camera and has mark-up capabilities, freeing me from the hassle of importing images into the report and/or marking them up in a third-party app.

I carry a DSLR with a telephoto lens for those rare occasions where the digital zoom on the camera just won’t cut it. Just the same, I would be interested in knowing why you prefer to use a separate camera.

I do not use any of my DSLR’s for work but love canon point and shoot with optical zoom way more than every camera phone I have ever had especially in attics when trying to photograph hurricane wraps from across the attic :smiley:

This process is pretty easy with the Home Inspector Pro mobile app.

You just slot the photos you want to be slotted in the app, and the rest can be in “miscellaneous” and they won’t show up in the report, but stay with the HIP file.

I do the exact same thing, I have a a google pixel 2 with unlimited photo cloud storage which makes for a great backup.