Where to purchase a Pole camera In Canada

It seams to be harder to find than I thought…
A pole camera, eye stick or similar.
Anyone know where I might find one , that ships yo Canada ?

Amazon Canada



If you cant find one, I made my own with a Doca pole 24’ bought on Amazon. A gopro3 I had laying around but you can buy one for under $200 some attachments that came with the go pro and a paint roller handle that I dissambled and modified with a bolt and wing nut. Download the gopro app on your phone and you’re good to go

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I bought one called Eye Stick (which apparently you have heard about) in Canada about 6 to 7 years ago. It was pricey at that time. It does work well, but in recent years I have been using the drone more often.

Thanx Michael…
I was thinking drone too … but more costly, right ? , but please tell me your setup .
I thought the eye stick , simple , easy… but I’m all ears

Thanx Drew … I’m looking and open to all options…
That sounds good too …
I just need to notes and check them out

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So hows that drone working out for ya in winter (near freezing and below) and on windy days?


I bought an eye stick and have had it for years no problems with a wifi camera
eye stick is in CA
Mark Handley 6134471810

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I recently replaced my old aluminum pole I bought from InterNACHI, I found it was to short so I purchased a EyeStick featherlight. It goes 30 feet. Works great, Mark at Eye-Stick.com

Thanx Randy …
Yes, I had thought about aluminum … but even though more $ , the eye-stick has me considering it .
I like the fact the Eye-stick is non conducive ,less prone to damage and 30 ft over 24 would probably come in handy at a few odd locations.
It’s all new to me . Are there cameras with remote viewing used here, I’m sure there is.

Its a Mavic so strong winds would be an issue. On real cold days both the Eye Stick and drone are issues since it means I stand there for a while at least. Most often in winter roofs are covered with snow so neither is practical.

I use a Canon ELPH 360HS with the Canon camera app connected via wifi, I control it from my Samsung S10, zoom take pictures, works great

Thanx again Randy !!!
Nice to get that info … I will definitely looking at that setup .

Take care & be safe ,

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