Ferret Camera Syatem

Hi all. Can anyone tell me where I can find the extension pole for this setup? 20-24’ would be great. Strange that Ferret doesn’t offer them or tell you where to get one. Thanks. Shawn

What kind of mount do you need for the camera? Would a DocaPole work for it?



Ferret offers a 18’ pole but keep in mind the camera’s compatibility range. I have a few cameras that wouldn’t sync based on being too far apart.


I made my own with a painter’s pole and wood handled roller sawed off with a screw (into sawed off roller handle) and bolt threaded for the Ferret cam. The hardest part was chasing down the wood screw > tripod/camera/Ferret. I think I found it at Lowes in the plastic bag hardware section.

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I did like Matt. Used an old plastic handle paint roller handle with a 1/4" 20 bolt for the ferret/camera mount. When you get the proper bolt thread exposure to mount your camera, epoxy the bolt inside the paint roller handle so it won’t move around. Fish sticks at HD or Lowes work good with the ferret as well.

You can also use an old phone (or your current one) with a car mount on a pole. for about 10 bucks you can get a Bluetooth button on Ebay that will trigger the camera. Down side is you can’t see the shot before you take it, but many times you won’t need to.

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