Where's My Water Pressure??

I have very low water pressure and I am unable to pinpoint the cause…I have a well with a submersible pump. I am not sure of the hp, but the well is approximately 85’ and I am not quite sure of the gpm. The well is the same age as my home, 36yrs, and the problem started earlier this year (Feb or March). I replaced the pressurized holding tank, which was original to my home, pressure switch (30/50), prv, and pressure gauge. I checked the pressure of the bladder according to the instructions to ensure proper operation. My water pressure problem seemed to be the same; enough to take a shower, but not normal pressure.
Now, the pressure is even lower. The pressure gauge shows 50psi., but I do not have enough pressure to cause water to come out of my shower head. The volume of water which comes out of my faucet is about the same as a water fountain, but less than half the pressure. My pump works, but it is about 10yrs old, my water is not heavy with sediment, and it takes about 16sec to raise the pressure 10psi (40-50psi) according to my gauge. When my pump shuts off (50psi) and I open a faucet, the pressure drops to almost nothing in about 10sec. This problem has progressed since earlier this year and I have gone from decent water pressure (I can take a shower) to low water pressure (similar to a low-flow shower head) to not enough pressure to take a shower.
The next step is to replace my well pump, but I am not sure it is the problem.

I need some help please…

Does the pump cycle on and off, on and off?

I know you said:

…but it does sound like it’s waterlogged.

I agree. It sounds to me like you, in fact, did not set the tank pressure correctly at the start and now the bladder has a hole in it. This will cause the air in the tank to disolve in the water and slowly disappear thus waterlogging the tank. Eventually the pump will cycle on when you draw the slightest amount of water from the system.
A mistake I see alot when setting the initial tank pressure is to do it after filling the tank or even after turning on the pump. This will not work! Actually, there should not even be any water in the tank even if it is at 0 psi. The tank should be pressurized prior to installation and should be set 2 or 3 pounds less than the turn “on” pressure of the pump. Not the setting on the pressure switch… but the actual pressure of the system when the pump turns on.
A way to check your tank to see if it is waterlogged, is to turn off the pump, open an outside valve and completely drain the tank. If there is water outside the bladder it will not drain and will remain in the tank making the tank quite heavy. Your message above indicates that you believe the air goes into the bladder and the water goes outside the bladder. The opposite is true.
If you find that the tank is waterlogged… and it will be awhile untill you can change it out, you can pump air into the tank manually and it will help. Remember that this air will slowly disolve into the water(do to the hole in the bladder) so you will have to keep adding air as time goes on.
Good luck!

Check to see
If pump short cycles drain the tank this will be only short term fix
if there is a water filter somewhere in the line
Is it galvanized piping ( you may have to replace)
If you look down the well see if there is a break or leak)
If it is a deep well submersible pump check valve could be stuck or screen on the intake plugged
If all else fails call a plumber.

Thanks to both Larry’s and Wayne for the advice!

When I pressurized the holding tank, I did reduce the pressure 2psi below the cut on pressure for the well pump (28psi) and I also did this while the tank was dry and not connected to my water line. I also pressed the valve stem while it was full to see if any water sprayed out with the air, but it was dry. The pump does not short cycle, but since the water pressure is so low, it takes a long time for the pressure in the tank to drop from 50psi to 30psi. When the pump finally turns on, it will raise the pressure to 50psi and shut off. I am not sure how fast the pump is supposed to pressurize the system, but as I mentioned above, it took 16sec to raise the pressure 10psi.