First time i see this

I went to do an inspection, client ask me,:

how much for the cost of the inspection and the insurance?

Please, i dont understand, can you explain?

Sure, i called a few inspectors and they charge extra ($300…(total $700)) for the E&O insurance included in the repport

Well, i carry an E&O insurance but i dont charge more…

Now this to me is insane, do any of you guys do this?? give the option : insured or not???

I would chuckle and say ,This strange to me and I belong to the Largest HOME Inspection group in the world and I have never heard this ,
Some on I am sure is very mixed up thank you so much for telling me this .
I would like to post this for all to see if you do not mind .

Thanks Patrick for the chuckle …

Michael Rowan has done it for years and made a fortune.

How many Company’s or fellow.s requested with or without E&O insurance.
*Sure, i called a few inspectors and they charge extra ($300…(total $700)) for the E&O insurance included in the repport’
Ca you give us a number. Also in Quebec?

She called 2 ($300) was the highest. but …i didnt ask who… in was in Longueuil, south of Montreal

Now that’s marketing!!

His clients are given a choice, opt for (and of course pay for) the insurance, or waive all future claims.

I am surprised Brian did not call the insurance company, or tell the home owner everything that is so deceptive about this type of HI practice.
If the home owner suffers personal injury to him or his family Brain because he opted out of being insured, you will be held personally morally responsible now. I hope you know that.
Yes I get it now.
The things you see as good marketing. Funny you see the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ factor.:twisted:
Good marketing.

We all know why you insure yourself. The cost has dropped to a fraction of what it use to be.
1# So by implying that $300 dollars would be the cost for insuring every inspection is totally unfounded and deceptive practice. Too all working HI’s and to there associations, to say the least. It will be looked at as predatory practice.
2# All others that will be involved in the transaction will carry the responsibility for there mistakes.( if I am not mistaken ) The Hold harmless clause covers that.
3# This has yet to be challenged in a court of law or everyone would have heard this by now.
Joe Ferry should be brought to the thread for legal clarity.
Nick you should look to see if they are INACHI members and how it will make INACHI look in the eyes of the the public and government.
There names will travel fast around the market place Patric. I am astounded by the avoidance to act responsibly.


I see you removed your post suggesting that I would be running to some “authority” to report this practice as I did with the very dangerous practice of filling 1,000’s of electrical boxes with foam…now your crying for an authority to give advice…what’s up!!!

Great marketing tool or blatant ripoff…I say rip off. If you are insured then great charge for the service “IN YOUR QUOTE”. When you go to a lawyer or doctor do they give you the option of their service “with or without insurance” ** No** is the answer. ( I am not comparing HI’s to doctors or lawyers just using them as an example)
If you were going to market having E and O insurance wouldn’t it be more advantageous to express that on your website/business cards?
I read here on the MB not long ago, NOT to advertise if you carried E and O as you would be more susceptible to being sued (US) so are we sending out a mixed message? IMO

Trying to change my mindset Brian. See how old habits kickin when we least expect them to. Its called knee-jerk reaction.
I will be ther first to admit I made a mistake. I have learned to grow.
Its was stupid gesture. I am wondering why you posted it? Still no reflection Mr.MaCnash.

So as we watch others grow , we watch others sink to even lower depths to try to point the camera upon themselves or there point of view.
No reply the the thread as usual Brian?:slight_smile:
Point taken by all mate.

Your words Brian. I would have explained it differently.
In Moncton, 1988 or 89, what I found in a house inspection eventually helped put a franchise “air-sealing” company out of business.
I corrected your “aissealing” spelling error for you.
I helped.
So please Brian. I am not trying to instigate but trying to enlighten.
If you read my reply it mentions I do not know the full story and you did do the right thing if he insulated the inside of the box with EXPOSED WIRING. The product ignites at 250 F.
I will counter your story with mine.
Under the same circumstances and a recorded error I could have held 2 parties responsible for error and advised the authority, I personally gave them choice.
They signed the admission and started to investagate the measures to take to counter the problem and fence off an area that was in danger of possible collapse.
I was not happy as you seemed to be. Nor did I take pleasure as you seem to take.
I could have HELPED PUT 2 COMPANY’S OUT OF BUSINESS.and much more.
I am cut and dried man Brian. I made a personal decision as a business man, fellow human being, compassionate yet balanced in my objectives and held a responsibility to all parties involved…
To protect the public.