Great Opportunity for ALL Canadian Inspectors

Hey guys,

I am helping my sister in law (insurance broker in Toronto) create a new E&O and General Liability insurance program to help out all of those who aren’t happy with their coverage or their rising premiums.

So far, they have agreed to education as a factor for pricing your rates. They have also agreed to your rates being based on the volume of inspections you do each year (a twist on pay per inspection).

She would like to know what added coverage some of you would enjoy as value to your coverage (free). For example, covering stolen or damaged tools and equipment? (ir camera, testing equipment, etc)

They also do vehicle coverage so combing will save you even more.

Email me all of your suggestions even if you are thinking way outside the box or feel it may be asking too much. They are being incredibly receptive and really do want to create a policy that offers more for less. This could be a great opportunity for all of us. They can insure in every province.

Also, if anyone is willing to send me a copy of their current policy, that would also help her to find where premiums are being “fluffed” and remove them to bring down prices.

All of your help will be needed and appreciated.

Let’s make the move to bring down our overhead costs before they eat us alive!!!

Stay safe,

I encourage ALL interested parties and that should be ALL inspectors to join in this. We need some serious competition in this field in Canada!


I understand that most if not all inspectors do not want me to know their information. So please email me a blank email and I will reply with my sisters work contact info. You can contact her directly.

There is a room full of insurance professionals waiting to hear from ALL of you!!!

Doesn’t anyone here want to save on their insurance from a major provider nation-wide??? Its simple!!!

Stephan, thank you for getting involved and I hope all inspectors can stand up together on this issue.

Any idea regarding the estimated cost range for E&O and general liability?

Will they insure corporate directors? (Directors insurance)

Have the rates in Canada not dropped dramatically like they have in the US over the last few years?

The rates have dropped for some. HUB one of the major sources depending on association/certification, the average seems to be in the $2500 range.

For those who have sent an email to (Stephan Tremblay, CMI ) .

Thanks well done for those who choose to do nothing too bad .

Stephan is trying to help our industry and to see so few who care it is sad .

If you are happy with the way things are great ,but from what I hear and see most are not and many every year leave .

Please try and help all in our industry.
Thanks … Roy

Thanks Roy, it is not just myself and few others who care. I have been griping about insurance for years, and now my sister in law has gone above and beyond for her company to get involved in this industry. They know from the info they have that other companies are soaking us. They want to help. They are truly interested in providing affordable insurance for Canadian inspectors and keep many from either working uninsured or closing shop. They understand that many are part-time, and are coming up with great ideas for affordable rates based on how many inspections you perform each year.

Please do your part and email me so I can send pertinent information their way so that it can be done right. Even if you just have a complaint about your insurance or ideas on how to make things better for yourself I will forward every message or send you her email.

With licensing a possibility in Ontario coming in the near future, this may be our only chance to create some good competition for what will be manditory insurance coverage. Every inspector in every province can have their say to someone that WILL listen! It only takes a few moments.

Claude, email me and I will send you Michelle’s email.

Thanks again everyone

Ok, here is a simple way for anyone to participate, ask questions or make suggestions.

Email Michelle at:

If we continue to not participate, we will all lose. Period. This goes for every inspector in every province. The window of opportunity is closing, don’t let it close on your fingers. A few minutes could change everything. I urge you all to help with getting affordable insurance for you and your brotheren.

It’s now or never

Please continue to write. All information is relevant. You can even grill for questions as to what this company will do for your insurance premiums and the protection of you and your business.

Write to Michelle Tremblay at:

Come one come all!!


Reasonable pricing and service when needed is very important.

I would support both!

Saving money would be great, but I think that being able to get an answer to a question would be better.
It took my current insurer 1-1/2 years to give me an answer about doing water testing, I felt this was excessive since all I am doing is putting water in a sealed bottle and sending it to a lab.
Now I am about to take courses to become a Provincially Certified Septic Tank Inspector and I cannot get an answer as to whether they will cover me. A yes or no would be sufficient, at least with answer I know whether or not to enquire elsewhere.

Maybe somebody could explain something to me, every insurance broker I contacted, including HUB and the broker I have been using for the past 20 years for all my insurance needs, all end up with a policy from Totten, (actually Lloyds of London). My broker gets me the policy and a markup, and Totten insures me for E&O and liability.
So the way it seems to me, we are living in a place where the only car you can buy is a Ford, and the only choice you have is which dealer you will buy your car from. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Interesting info … Thanks… Roy

At this stage, it would be nice to see a proposal least some optimism…

Hub’s parent is Northbridge insurance I believe. …so how many hand offs are there before we get to Hub???

Personally I believe insurance especially E and O is a bad joke being perpetrated on the public. These are my thoughts on the subject

I posted them on my second web site some time ago.

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