Type of IR Cameras Used

Anybody got one of the following IR cameras? If so got any comments about it relating to the chores of a typical home inspection.

Flir B-50
Flir B-60
Flir B-2
Flir B-200
Flir B-250
Flir B-360

Fluke TiR
Fluke Tir2-FT
Fluke Tir3-FT

i was curious to see the responses… but none. I am shopping… quite a variety to say the least…

I have two cameras the B-Cam and the BX-360 the B-cam just did not have the resolution I was wanting especially when doing electrical scanning. The only complaint I have with the 360 is the battery charge life if I am using the camera heavy can barely get through an inspection on one battery charge. I like the zoom feature on the 360 allows me to get close and personal with the electrical connections to the weather head and the transformer from ground level

Charley -

I had my hands on a BX-360 last week at a Flir Rep’s demo here in KC. You’re right it was sweet. But its cost is around the mid $16,000 range. Its resolution and cost is like the Fluke TiR-3 FT. That makes it real pricey for the average home inspector AND could make someone take 2 years OR more to even pay for the equipment, training, etc (break even).

For heavy commercial, or motor rooms, etc I can certainly see their use.

But here is my question …

On the average home inspection, doing the average home inspection things if any of you guys have used them - please give us comments on the listed cameras usage as to things you like, don’t like, cause problems, etc. That could also include the B-Cam SD, which is much like the new B-40

Also any thought or comments on Flir or Flukes training programs.

I have a Fluke TiR, and it’s the berries for my use. The resolution is fine, and it actually is capable of more than I can use it for. At the price, I don’t think there’s any comparison.

Just be careful where you purchase from. Some of the vendors are very good at talking sales and service, while others provide the items at the advertised price, along with great service.

I have the FLIR B2. For home inspection I find it will do anything I need it to do. The Res is 160X120. had it for over a year now. I use a small space heater as i work with the camera in any room that the delta T is working. for the most part the heater and the FLIR B2 Will do anything any home inspector will need.



What situations do you bring out the space heater? I never thought of that, but guess it would work.

Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms. any area that the Delta T is not working a small heater with a fan attachment will make the room come alive. you have better control over the walls and windows.
A main house heating system will wash out areas under the windows.

I will view the room first then work the room as i need to with the heater.



Ron - What camera you using, etc

I have a FLIR B2. With one wide and one standard lenz.



Obviously you live somewhere cold. :slight_smile:

1 HR. UP hwy 101 north of San Francisco. I think the avg. temp 65 to 75

looking forward to winter and some rain in Calif. not much rain for some 90 plus days. All the lakes are down. I saw that your area has been very dry last few years.



Yes extremely dry. That is the least of our problems now, now the gas stations are dry.

I passed 12 gas stations this morning on my way to a job, not a single one had gas. I have a 1/2 tank which will last me 2 more days, so I’m on the hunt tomorrow morning. :twisted: When you do find one, this is the problem.


Makes you want to drill a hole in your front yard and pump your own oil out.

But no can’t do that. what would the guy down the street say.

I saw a gas station down the street from me. ( NO GAS )

Not good. keep a stiff upper lip.

Thats one thing that gets my goat… No drilling- No gas- No work- No food.

Hope this was not an odd thing to say… I just think we should drill holes all over the place. one on every street…



Could not have said it better. It’s gas that makes the world go around.

I have the Fluke TI45 and love it. Have had it for about 18 months and it operatesvery well and goes beyond my needs at present time and the fusion picutres and picture in picture ROCK.

We have the same problem with gas…the media just makes it worse by hyping it all up…like the wx…if you tell them chance of snow tomorrow (even though its suppose to be 80), people will make a B-line to get milk and bread.

Anyway, I am awaiting a Flir i40…

Q. What do you like about this camera? I look at its data sheet 120X120 the display has no data for it. I have a FLIR B2. RES. 160x120 With a display of 320X240. Im for the most part happy with my camera. but i can see the need for more RES. Have you look at the photos that the FLIR I40 Will produce?

I see the prices of these cameras are droping like lead. my camera 2 years ago was 12,500 today around 7,500.00 and less. at the rate these cameras are droping one would be better off buying a used one keeping it 6 months selling that one and buying another used one. and then do the same. The drop in price of a new camera is just unreal. Now if one made 14k in a year doing IR INSPECTION And paid 8,000 for a camera. and lost say 4,000.00 in value of the camera the first year. OUCH!!! The math is hard on these cameras. if you keep your camera for a few years your OK. but if you need to up date your going to get hit hard. very hard. Just me thinking but If there was info one how many got low RES cameras like the FLIR I40 and then wanted a better camer with say 320X240

What would the $ math look like then for say a 5 year time frame. I think if your are just looking for water/moisture you will be OK with this cameras. but if your like me you will want a better camera within a year.

Do the math.

Would like to hear from others on this issue.




I wanted to be able to have something in the middle of the road, yes…you are right with technology and the price dropping but then again it depends what you do with it and how much you are relying on the machine versus the operator.

I recently purchased a laptop…in 6 months it will be out of date compared to what’s on the market yet for what I use it for it is fine (I can usually get about 6 plus years out of a laptop).

Let me also say that I am leasing it…I have never been fond of leasing, matter of fact I have never leased anything in my life yet I did recognize that there may be a technological leap in the next 2 - 3 years, until then I will just adjust my prices accordingly.

Mine should be in within the next few days…I will let you know more when I get it.



I think you are very smart. the lease will work out just fine. As you work with your camera. if your like me you will find the 320X240 is your next step. now I have not look at images from a 320X240 but some say its a big jump from the 160X120.

Post some images with that thing.

This in one from my camera. I use a small space heater to work the room better. helps a lot with a low RES. Camera.



IR_0340 AD.jpg