White House Executive Order to likely ban multi-inspector firms' non-compete agrements

These lines:

  • “Make it easier to change jobs and help raise wages by banning or limiting non-compete agreements and unnecessary, cumbersome occupational licensing requirements that impede economic mobility.”

  • “Competition in labor markets empowers workers to demand higher wages and greater dignity and respect in the workplace. One way companies stifle competition is with non-compete clauses. Roughly half of private-sector businesses require at least some employees to enter non-compete agreements, affecting some [36 to 60 million] workers.”

  • “Encourages the FTC to ban or limit non-compete agreements.”

taken from:

This may affect multi-inspector firms that hire inspectors as well as state laws that currently require supervised inspections to acquire a home inspector license.

Many thanks to InterNACHI staffer Kaela for this update.

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I never understood the “non compete agreement.” Who the hell is anyone to tell me I can’t go make money? What a joke in my opinion.


Jacob would you feel this way if you spent 20 or 30 years accruing a list of agents that trust you. You are a multi inspector business and have invested time, money and trained your help.

One of them decides to break away and start his own business in your territory and takes your clientele list with him. They like the new kid he charges $200 an inspection and you’re out of business.


If I was established for 20-30 years and had a trusted agent clientele, I wouldn’t worry too much about one kid trying to start his own business. In fact I would encourage it. Helping others progress in life; karma pays you back 10 fold.


This would be fantastic news if I was an employee working for a multi-inspection firm that makes their inspectors sign such an agreement, but I’m not, so no big deal for me. If an inspector decides to set out on his own it won’t affect my business at all, and if the firm he left was so good, in all reality it shouldn’t affect theirs either.


None of it sounds like it will improve the economy one iota. More feel good nonsense from Build China Back Better crowd.


Anything they can do to help younger generations have an equal footing with the boomer generation is good… Let’s not forget how easy boomers had it. No college degrees required for things that require a four year degree today . No license requirements for things that require thousands of dollars in training today and then grandfathered in to avoid new requirements that younger generations are forced to follow .

This is true for nearly every profession… As far as the impact this will actually have? Good for the average inspector not so good for desk jockeys

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After all they are the ones who built this country with their hard work and sweat. Today kids expect to be paid the same for punching keys on the keyboard.


The keyboard for the personal computer that was created by boomers. On the World Wide Web that was created by boomers.


The only thing this generation can call their own so far is the big fat cancel button


No one can say with any certainty what impact this will actually have. I personally like the practice of getting rid of two regulations before creating a new one. Once again, the government answering a question nobody asked. I would like to see the data that supported this EO (I can wait until they create it). Like with most “help” from the government, its probably loaded with carve-outs, exemptions, and unintended consequences.


I run a multi-inspector firm.

I don’t have a “no complete” clause.

We already know most people who try to start inspecting on their own don’t last. So I just don’t worry about it.

If anyone leaves me, then it’s my fault for not being a good boss.

I pay their insurance, tools, NACHI memberships, software, marketing, phone answering, etc, etc.
All they do is check their emails for where they need to go, and they go inspect.

If they think they can do better, good luck. It took a lot of hard work to get to where I am at.


Non compete agreements are not only for workers but also for businesses.

Take a multi-inspector firm. If I wish to purchase a multi-inspector firm, I would require the seller to enter into an non-compete agreement for a specific period of time.

Otherwise, he could take his client list, his employees and open back up across the street.

I do not think the Prez knows how his decisions will actually impact workers or businesses. It just sounds good to people.

Think about it, businesses cannot find enough workers, so let’s make sure if we have a worker, we cannot retain them. Lovely.

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What makes you think this Prez makes any decisions? The guy doesn’t know what day it is.


Same as the past 4 or 5 we’ve had…


No, this one is far worse. He has a documented history of being wrong with every national security policy decision for the last 40 years! The last two presidents didn’t even have a political history.


Correction: 1 of the last two presidents didn’t have a political history…

44 was a junior senator and had a zero federal policy knowledge as well as one of the worst foreign policies of any president since 39.


Nicky shilling for a Biden executive order. Oh my.