No compete argeement - got one?

Does someone have a no-compete agreement tailored to the HI busniess?

Someone new may see this latest post, Brian. Nevertheless, the thanks you.

That’s a trip.

Its important to know that rules can differ by state. You may want to consult with a business law attorney to make sure your wording is correct. There can be various limitations on length of time, and reasonable boundary/ distances for some examples. I know if its too harsh in wording, or a demand that prevents someone from reasonably making a living in the field, the courts can over rule you if a circumstance ever went that far. Most of the time it only prevents them from contacting your existing clients (people you’ve inspected for) Your referral base (Realtors) for example, are not clients. Just make sure everything is in order per your state laws before you have it signed.

I’ve instructed our law firm to author you one. I’ll have it added to next week.

Nick just posted a non-compete agreement at…

… and more documents