White Mold in Attic rafters?

Hi Team,
I have recently graduated school and just starting off. I came across this yesterday and just want to confirm that this is white mold on attic rafters?
Thanks for any help?

Attic 1 Attic 2

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This is a common question asked.
I suggest searching this topic on the forums first. This was just asked 2 weeks ago.
But to answer the question it may very well be a live or dead mold spore
There may be moisture issues present now or in the past.
There may have been an attempt at remediation.
Remediation requires physical removal of dead spores. The only way to know is to test the material or spores.
Mold is prevalent in the environment. Mold becomes a problem when given ideal conditions to grow. Certain spores are more harmful than others. The color of the spore or growth has led to confusion among the public.
Further examination of signs of poor ventilation or water intrusion is needed.
Look for these signs.
I did not examine the picture just gave a brief.
Thank you.

In the picture the material seems to be only on the rafters and not the sheathing. My observation

Ok sounds great. Thanks Charles!

Really. I thought spores of different species were in the air. So mold is everywhere?

It is, its usually harmless.
A allergy center for your area likely takes average mold counts

The fungi and spores are everywhere however if a home owner asks if their home has mold in it I would never say yes it’s everywhere LOL.

I wouldn’t either.
I was acknowledging that testing can be inconclusive due to prevalence of spores.
If there were signs of mold i would recommend a mold specialist.
As you may have called attention to specific spores would be the concern.
I was merely suggesting more research on the subject matter to the recent graduate.
Education in the field of inspecting is necessary.
We must be the first line of defense. It is our duty to provide accurate information to the client.
In closing, as we all know, myth, rumor, speculation and misinformation is widespread in the world today. Not limited to inspection. Let’s hope we can all do our part.

Morning, Alfonso.
Hope this post finds you well.

Please try to refer to stained attic components as ‘Suspect Microbial Growth’.
By stating you observed ‘mold’ in your report can led you down a road many are ill equipped to follow. This can drive away purchasers and anger the vender and venders agents to a point of litigation.

Several weeks ago I did not enter an attic for reasons I will not divulge. The inspector that did enter the attic claimed he ‘saw mold’ or so I was told by my client.
To further his ambiguous claims he said he would not charge what I charged for the home inspection but charge halve the rate and not to say he said so to me. Tells me everything I have to know about the coward and non professional.

My client, now stuck with his unsubstantiated findings, decided she preferred his unprofessional work ethic and demeanor after being warned by me on several occasions.

The lessons to be learned Alfonso, you can lead a blind hoarse to water but you can’t make them drink. Be thirsty for knowledge.

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Doesn’t look like mold to me, more like paint or stain.


Agreed, Most likely preconstruction, Used for pre painting exterior trim before installation.


Randy I agree. It looked like they used the lumber as as skew board for the foundation

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The last picture looks like staining from water with residue from microbial growth. Is it possible that the roof has been replaced along with some of plywood decking? The reason being that in a staining situation like that, you more than likely would see it spreading onto the decking also.

Rafters could have been used on sawhorses for painting trim?

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Agree, looks like paint/stain. Look closer, looks like runs down the side of the rafters.

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I can see that now and it looks more to what you guys are suggesting.


It probably started to rain before the paint dried? Been there done that. :grinning:

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Have had that happen before! :wink::grinning:

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You guy’s really make me laugh … Yep!
In the real world… Are you ready for this ladies?
The real answer is that… No one really knows. Uh! Huh!
We weren’t there and didn’t get a flippin’ sample.
I my haven’t event wrote that up… NOPE!

Wrote what up?

Just speculating Sir Roy, Yep, Having fun with it don’t have a cow. HAHA. :nerd_face:

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