White substance in the attic

This white substance on the attic sheathing appears to be mold. It looks like they just cut new roof vents in the attic. The bath fan also vents into the attic. Would you recommend mold testing?

Was it just on one section of plywood? Are you sure that it’s not concrete? Sometimes they use the rafters and plywood as forms for concrete pours.

… or mud. See any pattern that looks like footprints? Common.

It’s not Mold…taste it!

It’s a left-over piece of plywood that the builders were utilizing and used it up as roof sheathing.

drywall compound ,paint

Describe the discoloration, state that mold can only be identified through testing, recommend the bathroom vents be corrected to terminate properly and tell why.

It does not look like mold but I am not there. I am with David, if it taste like mold it is mold.

Even with the possibility of mold I’d have it tested. Why leave such important things to guessing???
Cheers … Tammi
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