what is it?

I’m not trained or qualified to report on the presence of possible mold and have not seen this particular type of substance. What do you think this is?

Attic was converted to living space with minimal access in the upper section of the attic. Gable vents located on either side of the attic area with no other stains. Composition shingles were curled throughout even though the covering didn’t appear to be old.




“appears to be a mold-like substance”

John Kogel

Requires testing to be sure but may be poria

Forget your training and report it. You don’t want to be sued because your trainer/teacher was too scared to call it what it is. Below is the comment that I use. It lets them know about the fungi, states that it was not tested, could be a health hazard, informs them of the structural consequences if they let it remain and tells them what needs to be done now.

**Improve, Repair: **Signs of fungi growth is present on the wood structural components in the attic. A test to determine if this growth is or is not a health hazard is not included in this home inspection. The underlying cause is past or present moisture. Remediation will include removing the moisture source and verifying proper ventilation is available to the area as well as removing/killing the growth itself. If allowed to continue to grow this can, and most likely will, deteriorate the wood to a point that it will need replacement.

I absolutely took photos and reported on it. When something is wrong it’s wrong and I never allow myself to pull a CYA move just to protect my own best interest. While I DO protect my best interest my moto is:

Your best interest is prioity one!

“Suspect Mould” for sure. Testing is the only way to know. Between us just for fun I’d say it’s Cladosporium.