Who has the best price for a FLIR i50 now?

Go for it Jim but I think most will see the flaw in your argument.

From a macro economics standpoint James is 100% correct. If you constantly insist on the lowest price on any product, you will eventually receive less on your own goods or services. Simply because as money flows it will flow at a lower rate, which in turn would eventually effect your own goods or services.

As proof of this, there was a report out this week that stated for the first time in the past 10 years consumers are now using debt cards more than 50% of the time instead of credit cards. Well now the credit card companies will bring in less money, which will eventually lead to lower wages or lay offs. Which will in turn lead to those people spending less money on goods and services, which will in turn lead to those consumers/businesses spending less…etc…etc…etc.

Want more proof that hits home a little harder? Do we have any MI home inspectors here that would like to chime in?

Where this debate gets really nasty is, as a single business the point that is against James is also 100% correct. You have to watch your bottom line or you put yourself out of business, or because you spent more on something you can now spend less on something else, say advertising or marketing for example. Which would lead to less work, which would lead to less profit or potentially lower margins, which leads to…etc…etc…etc.

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I think that a message board made up of electronic tool salesmen would be similar to ours, however.

They would be critical of uninformed inspectors who simply used “price” to select his tool without even asking what was sacrificed in getting him the FLIR i50 at the huge discounted price. Then…like us…they would blame the lowballing salesman that sold it to us and justify the higher cost of their FLIR i50s.

Getting what you pay for is not unique to home inspections.

I am among those who think all IR gear is still overpriced. It has come down a lot in recent years, but it will get below $1000 and that is when I will buy and throw it in my toolbox with the rest of my tools.

Paying as much for it as the going prices are, I too would be forced to oversell this service as so many do in order to justify my purchase.

Mr Lowballer has finally revealed why he is against IR.
It cost too much (forget all the other bla, bla, bla).
But, after the price is right… he confesses that he will
buy it and promote IR as good. :mrgreen:

BTW… he also does walk-by inspections starting at
$139 (plus $15 off if you mention his website).

So this does indeed prove that low baller inspectors will buy
the low priced tools… while at the same time they will mock
others who are shopping for price… LOL. :mrgreen:

Go to hell, John…and I mean that in a nice way. LOL.

Because I did not get an answer(price quote) from a Flir rep I got no value. I wanted a B50 and bought a Fluke! The Fluke was a great price and I am happy with it. I got it for less than the advertised B40 price and “I” consider it better than the B40 not as good as a B50. I fell I got value for my green stuff. I let you know more as it makes money for my Company, because that is the real value.


Slap! lol