Everyone call FLIR now. I don't know how long this NACHI deal will last.


Jamie W.,

I believe you have worked with a number of different camera brands and styles…how does this one compare? Also, what features have you found the most important or useful in thermal cams?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Joe…Dan Harris did a scan for me with this model I believe…simply awesome…!!!

I’m getting one…:-;;

What is the normal price that Inspectors charge for this
special scanning service?

Is it difficult to learn how to use them?

Thanks for your help.

Is the lease option a straight lease agreement or is it a lease-to-buy type contract.

OK - that’s a good enough reference for me! I know you know what you’re doing Dale, and I’m sure the $$ will shortly follow!!:smiley:

FLIR’s original B Model has always been available for $99 per month. Is this a special for a more advanced model?


From what I learned from Dan Harris, there is a TON of money to be made with these cams, simply amazing.

Dan charges an acceptable fee for his service, which amounts to about twice what a regular home inspection would cost an inspector time wise.

I was there for 4 hours, Dan was there for an hour…:smiley:

I loose, Dan wins…:smiley:

But…I figure when I get one I can put Dan out of business in a week or two…:lol:

(Just kidding Dan)…:stuck_out_tongue:

I just wish this one was available when I bought my B-Cam.

See what you get when you are on the ‘bleeding edge’.


How about revealing how you market and charge for it.

Someone slap me… I’m feeling the insane urge to spend
$6000.00… aauughhh.

Stinks doesn’t it? :wink:

I will be doing so at the convention, in a class I willbe teaching.

I will post more information, here, as time allows. (Inspections to do, now :mrgreen: )

The add would indicate that there is an additional NACHI dicount which brings the price lower than $99

How much less? Who knows.

Joe M writes

Read slower. Particularly the instructions given the two lines (actually there are only two lines so it shouldn’t be too hard) in http://www.nachi.org/flirdiscount.htm

I just called FLIR and here is what I was told.

NACHI discount is 2% -

BCAM (base) regularly $5750, w/NACHI discount $5635
BCAM-SD regularly $6750, w/NACHI discount $6615

The $99/month lease is a lease-to-own contract. The following numbers DO NOT include the NACHI discount.

3 year lease - 1st 6 months @ $99/mth, remaining 30 mths @ $270/mth
5 year lease - 1st 12 months @ $99/mth, remaining 48 mths @ $180/mth

The $99/month portion of the lease should be fixed but the remaining months are where the NACHI discount would be factured in. I am unsure which model the above lease rates are for.

Hope this helps.


I’ve called twice and have not had a return call. You’d think they would be more responsive to someone wanting to drop this kind of money.

Looks like I’ll be purchasing through PE. . .

Joseph, I think this is a great camera for the price. It would work well for home inspections. The reporting software is easy to use. With the prices continuing to drop, I think that Thermal imaging is going to continue to pick up, in the next 5 years I expect at least half of all inspectors to use this tool.

With that said, the reasons I did not buy this camera last year was I am used to a higher picture resolution and I found a used camera for the same price with higher resolution. Since that was what I was used to with my old Flir Prism (12-14 years old, very heavy and no longer supported by Flir, but man, what a great picture), thats what i bought.
I also have a IRISYS 1000- not a good picture at all-wouldn’t put it in my reports. If you are thinking of buying one of these-also known as Wahl-CALL ME!! Some of the other Wahl models may be good-but the one I have was alittle over 2 grand, and, well like I said, call me before you buy this one.:slight_smile:
Sorry this is so long but to wrap it up here the picture resolution stats(may not be exact-but close
FLir cam 160 by 120 (I think the b-cam is the same)
Iri sys 1000 120 by 96
Raython Ir Pro 320 by 240 (one I currently use)
Hope this helps,


It took a month for their rep to get back to me. I don’t get it either. PE is an authorized FLIR agent with a design your own lease program - free shipping too. (FLIR charges).