Brand new FLUKE TIR32 for $6000.00

Super Thermal Infrared Imager that displays an excellent image
of your chosen heat anomaly. Has dew point alarm. Has smart view
software cd.
Back Problems preclude me from any more work
Care One Environmental Inspections 918-770-5860

            $5000.00  BOTTOM PRICE

Unfortunately cameras seem to have fallen into the same depreciation category as regular electronics. Haven’t many folks bought this same model for $8,995 just within the last year?

For the first time ever, I actually wish something would stop getting cheaper.

Hehe, Brandon I have been saying that for years. When people buy cameras they want them cheap, but they don’t realize how much it costs them in the long run.

Bosch will be putting out a $995 camera in the coming months. Think it is 50x50 or something crazy low like that.

That unit is used btw, they haven’t really dropped.


So if people pay full retail for a camera, it will not devaluate
as much as someone who bought it at a discount?

How does that work?

yeah, because that would make sense?

You would have to be doing actual IR work to understand that statement John.


I think your side stepping the question, because you continue to
push the idea that your higher prices are somehow better for all
of us. It makes no sense.

If you buy a TiR32 for full price or a discount, it would not make
any difference in the resale value, if a person decides to sell it
at some point.

Regarding IR work, have you ever done an IR home inspection?
No, your not even qualified to be a home inspector.

$350 Extech at 80x80,or.r_gc.r_pw.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=7210171716971686411&sa=X&ei=4i_YTZ74Jujg0QGUl5T8Aw&sqi=2&ved=0CIABEPMCMAM#

You may want to stay with a resolution of at least 120x120.
This is also recommended by RESNET. The i7 would meet
this minimum standard.

The quote you posted is for the cost to calibrate the camera,
not for the camera itself.

Yeah I see it at $1,500 aprox.
Still way better than $5,000 for playing around with.

I may pick one up and (OMG) play.:slight_smile:

Had no idea Extech was Flir till now.Like medicine i may get the generic version.

Here is my thinking on buying a low end camera to “play with”. If you are going to spend $1500.00 for a low end camera like a Flir I7 or any other manufacturer, you are going to have very little luck trying to resell it if you decide not to get into IR. Basically, you just threw $1500 out the window. The thing is, with lower end camera such as these, you are extremely limited with the kind of work you can do and the results that the camera will produce.

If you buy a higher end camera with better resolution and additional features, you will get much better results. Better results equates to being able to actually charge money for the service. Use the camera to try to make it pay for itself and gain a profit. If after a while you decide you do not like IR and try to sell it, taking a small loss isn’t so bad because you were able to actually make some money with the tool. Who cares if you take a $1,5000 loss on resale at that point.

Why do I get the impression from every IR thread here that guys are praying for camera prices to stay high.???

Just a observation.

You observed correct I would like to see the cameras triple in price and keep the wannabes at arms length the more my cameras cost the more I charge:D:D BTW I have never complained about the price of a camera or even looked at the cheap ones

Buy 2 cameras Bob. You’ll have twice the fun “playing around”.:wink:


The conversation kind of passed you by. No one here is or has been talking about the resale value of a tir32, or the selling price of it for that matter.

I have zero motivation to do residential. I am not qualified and it doesn’t pay squat, except for flat roofs, even then residential flat roofs only pay 1,500 on average.

I think you are looking for your troll and bash enterance. I will shoot you a wink when it comes.


Try reading the thread before you post…:wink:

Why is Murray’s Post screwed up by bickering. The man is tryng to sell the camera and it turns to a lets bash each other. They guy stated health problems and wants to sell his camera. Now lets try to get along and help find out what he should get for it.
Let me get back to beckering about Politics and Reliegion
Murray I may call you later . Radon is working out well

Hey Wayne,
Why don’t you just shut up and buy the camera. We know you want to be like Sean.:wink:

LOL Linus i had camera for 6 years . I just like the idea of the fluke. perhaps i can sell Bob my FLIR . I am to old to mimic Sean, Plus i much better looking

That’s not what I hear. Sean said he hires you to scare critters out of crawlspaces.(the one’s you can fit into):stuck_out_tongue:

I am like a a beautiful old mountain Linus not a skinny little Hill. And yes small critters fear me. I am the Possum Adams of TN.