Why a final walk-through is so important!

The buyer found this during their final walk-through. A massive water leakthat caused significant water damage through-out the home. The home was inspected in November and closing was in January. The home was foreclosed and vacant for some time before inspection and plumbing system had to be de-winterized for the inspection. The home was not re-winterized after inspection. Whoops… :oops:

Stated on my web site and all reports, that a walk-through of the home should be made the day before closing. Defects can be found when the current home owner moves furniture, decorations, stored items, etc. I can do that walk-through with you for a small fee…

That statement has saved several of my clients grief. Water faucets left on, holes in walls, damaged doors, etc. etc.

Gary would you mind sharing your walk through narrative please?


Ditto, Ditto

me too!

Whoops! I hate it when that happens Cheif

That’s a good idea to include it in the report and on your web site. I have a statement in my PIA for preclosing walk through and de/re-winterizing.