Why do they do this

Well sometimes you just come across things
that make no sense

So let us have it Why did they do it ?

why do they do this ?

or this ? that didn’t work, well i’ll try again

oh photo to big ?


The first one is a safety excape for small pets. Shouldn’t thet have their own fire exit?

The second photo is too small for me to see what’s going on.

1st one looks like an attempt to make an egress. (no cigar)


The second one is knot the way to install a joist. :cool: :roll: :cool:

Sloppy and just plain old lazzy, quality was not in the thought process :roll:

Shouldn’t that be “quailty was not in the budget”?


click on photo

Thats a “low bid” job.

low budget yes . Theory is that both top and bottom window is removable giving the proper square footage to qualify as an egress. Is there anyplace where it says how fast an egress window has to be opened up to not be an egress window?? Stupid yes ,functional …possible ](*,)

It is my understanding that most building codes have some minimum standards regarding the space outside an egress. I’m making a calculated guess that the type of window well used here would not qualify.


David I am going on pure memory right now, but i think it is 3 ft. depending on how deep it is. Oh #*^@ now I’m going to look it up…


This just makes me laugh.

A small child could shinny up and out in a second but what if you have to try and stuff “MeeMaw” out through the window. You are going to have a fight on your hands.

Since I am not a code inspector so I wouldn’t cite any code. I would recommend that the buyer have a city inspector have a look see before closing.


That looks like new construction in Phoenix for a home without a basement…thats how screwed-up new homes are here.

It would not surprise me to see a window in a stem wall…:smiley:

This is a new build in New York, they have 8 foot ceilings in the basement, can’t figure out why they did it :roll::roll:

in a fire, the speed of the egress window could be determined by the avarage air temp, devided by the window serface area (in centimeters) multiplied by the guy with the fire axe busting it in.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: