Why does it stink under the kitchen sink

Buyer asked me if I could figure out why it smelled so bad under the kitchen sink in today’s house.

Weeeell, I’m not sure, but it might have something to do with the open sewer connection. Guess someone forgot to come back after lunch and install the cleanout.:mrgreen:

OMG, too funny Chuck

I see nothing wrong.
That is one of those new Methane taps for energy use,as a back up in case of a gas outage.

You simply use the flexible hose that should be attached at the left side of the stove and plug it in under the sink.

Chuck ,did you remember to check for the proper size hose?

To go along with the current “new posts”…\…because Obama is under there?!

I think I ran across the same plumber late last summer.

drain pipe.jpg

LOL. Must be one of his earlier works. Pretty decent looking sweat joints though (actially looks like someone cut that pipe off).:wink:

Looks to me like every time you pull up on the sprayer hose you unplug the cords. Arc arc boom…