Dumb & Dummer

My last two inspects were built by the same builder apparently using the same plumbing contractor as these P-traps one on the HW heater relief valve downspout and one in the attic for the A-coil primary drain were identical on both homes. I don’t know what school the plumber attended but apparently it was not the same one I attended.:roll: :roll:

Had a woopsie posted wrong pic here is the hot water heater

He just skipped school that day . . . :mrgreen: . . . amazing what we find every day.
Thanks for the pics.

I don’t like the look’s of that gas line either.

Well tell me what you don’t like about it.

From the looks of purple primer they are probably not professional plumbers. I can’t speak for everywhere, but here purple primer is not used by most plumbers (it is usually clear).

I might be missing something about the gas line. What is wrong? Always looking to learn something.:slight_smile:

Most plumbers here use the purple “cleaner/primer” for that very reason; that it can be seen and verified by the code inspectors. Too many had the inspectors question whether or not they had in fact used the cleaner/primer prior to glueing up the joints. Creates less problems for plumbers in the long run. Guess it depends on the relationship between the area’s contractors and code guys. Good point to bring out.

Patrick J. Cloninger
Pinpoint Home Inspections

Pat you will have to ask Ken I had no problem it went from point A to point B and had no kinks


Did you ever find a drip-leg in the gas line for the WH? I didn’t see one. Maybe the installer kinked/trapped the flex thinking that would replace a drip-leg.


Local AHJ does not require a drip leg in any space that is not conditioned. Garage, Attic, or outside due to the possibility of freezing. The chances of a drip leg freezing in a closet of the garage is nill. I don’t get in a Pi**ing contest with the plumbers over that just as long as there is a manual shut off valve at the appliance.