Why Mold Inspections are worth it, even in Pennsylvania.

I have two children, and a wife who works in a hospital. So it doesn’t happen for only one of us to be sick, usually we are all sick. Well today is the third day I am fighting a ‘chest-cold’. Glad I am alone, but the point is, what I’m sick with must not be contagious. So I was exposed to something.

On Thursday, I was in an attic with the north side of the roof sheathing covered in black mold-like growth. The south side was only partially covered (suspect the Sun had something to do with that). The attic had completely blocked soffits, bathroom fans terminated into the attic, and condensation evidence was on the single window there. I thought worse case, it was Strachybotrys chartarum, “black mold”. From my understanding, the spores are typically not ‘very’ air borne unless disturbed. So I spoke with the client, and explained what we were possible looking at, since he had no clue.

I messed up. There was a ridge vent in the attic, and it was windy & cold. The open attic hatch was pouring warm air into the attic. It was hitting the mold-like growth, so it was being disturbed, big time. :frowning:

Mold is greatly underestimated, and for the cost of one small mold inspection, or in this case a home inspection, can result in fewer sick days, or even worse.

I’m starting the feel better, running out of meds, and hope to have a Good Easter. Also wish you all a Happy Easter as well!

Tom <I share my mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them>


I understand what your saying but its not a small thing in Texas.

Texas laws have tightened and now make it expensive to get a mold inspection. I wonder when this attitude will spread to other areas.

We own a big Thanks to big business !!


Are you environmentally sensitive, allergic, immune system compromised on a regular or continual basis?

I was at a home inspection meeting many years ago and heard about a home inspector who became exceptionally ill and was off works for many months from going into an attic with no breathing protection.
I went out the next day and bought a good Mask ($49;00) .
Had an Inspection that afternoon and was on my way into attic and Char reminded me to put on my new mask.
Well I think she might have save me from being like the inspector who was of work for many months.
Bat Dung and Bats Lots of both
Bat dung can cause ( histoplasmosis ) that was what the HI was of work from.
I never go into any attic with out my mask.

Actually, nothing comes to mind since I stopped smoking 14 years ago. I’m up to date on all my shots, too. :wink: I’m starting to notice a pattern of sneezing in some older homes, but this is still hit or miss.

I even get check-ups. Only complaint by the doc, loss 10 pounds, cut back on the coffee, and sleep more often. I’m blessed.


Hi Tom,

It is not uncommon to develope an alergy or reaction only after you have been in contact with the substance. I’m no doctor or anything, but if you are having this type of problem, you need to find a new line of work.

Are you pulling our leg?

Good luck to you,

No, still a coughing up junk.

As far as I know, I believe most of use are allergic, or have adverse reactions, to toxic material. Point is the importance of identifying it, and addressing it. The client was living in the house for years, and stored their items in the attic too. :frowning: