Why painted?

OK, i think its to hide old water stains, but my question is, what can i say about this except that it can be hiding something, i wasn’t able to get inside the attic, mostly from hatch.

Fire or Smoke damage

Or mold

Looks to me like there has been a fire and this special paint is to stop the stink .

I agree, it is most likely used to cover up the smell of smoke.


Fire or Mold
Only time I have ever seen attics painted like that…

Looks to me like smoke stain I can see… Roy .

. Seen many will post a couple later

Thanks guys!, that makes a lot of sense though i could not smell even the faintest smell of smoke. IN any canse, i will include smoke or mold as a possible reason it may have been painted and recommend my client proceed with caution.

Not sure “caution” is the word I would go with. That job looks fairly professional from your photo, you might just encourage them to seek more information from whoever did the work.

The local fire dep’t keeps records of houses that have had fires.

And neighbors are a very valuable source of info when an unusual condition is found in Vero Beach, FL.

I try to never Box my self .
I would report the paint and what I think it is for and say nothing else .

Using Caution adds to more questions and could get awkward

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I try to never Box my self .
I would report the paint and what I think it is for and say nothing else . :):slight_smile:

Keep It Simply Stated.
I do not like, Keep It Simple Stupid.
SIMPLE STUPID denotes a condition of mindset.

They forgot to paint this set of rafters .


No they where painted, only they caught on fire after.:wink:

I did mention paint and it is likely covering up something and to ask seller.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the paint itself was highly flammable lol

I observed the wood closely paying attention to the surface - didn’t observe charring ,but anythings possible. Time machine and crystal ball needed.:mrgreen:

Just tell them it is unorthodox and that you suspect xxxx and tell them to ask for full disclosure from the homeowner as to the reason.

I’ve seen this to cover mold. Hopefully the homeowner will have all the paperwork that proves it was done the right way, such as if all the mold was removed before it was painted. Make sure that the attic venting is good too.
Your client has to think about the re sale value down the road too so having documentation would be important.

It does not look like a very even coat to me, so I would not make a statement about this being a professional job.

Of the last xx number of inspection that I asked for full disclosure on suspect material, structure or components I was told repeatedly and almost verbatim that it is not necessary for the*** home owner to give full disclosure.***
They said ( the sellers agent ) was told everything and would ask again for any written warranty, receipt, or other means of verification and email them to me so I may add them into my report.
I am still waiting.
Funny before they tell me how they are networked with so many realtors, mortgage company, yada, yada, yada and the big hint is on to push the inspection out in a hurry.
The first chance I get I ask the home owner myself which seems to penetrate the THIN BLUE LINE.
Do they all take the same course and read ( How to evade that honest home inspector redirect questions and earn a higher income? )
I think it sells at Coles for $38.95.:wink:

yep, i’ve had luck asking the seller except when their agent is running interference…
Also consider lots more inspections lately are empty homes- foreclosures… etc