Why the age of furnace,a/c,water heater?

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I see posts requesting the age of various hvac equipment and water heaters How many HI include this information in their reports and why is it offered?

I worked in the hvac "profession" for quite a few years and the most unreliable furnace was one that was just installed. A furnace installed 10 or 20 years ago and properly maintained was less likely to fail than a furnace installed last month.

If the equipment is working properly and you are able to reasonably determine the efficiency, does it matter if it was manufactured in 1999 or 2001?

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Probably because older units are less efficient than newer ones.

Older furnaces may have problems with the firebox (rusting out, cracked etc). Older AC’s may have stuff clogging the coils or growing mold, etc.


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Efficiency is not usually the 1st thought. Just like people, most things have a “TYPICAL” Life Span. The vast majority of buyers want to know if the furnace, HVAC unit, roof, water heater, etc is near the end of its life,

A 1st time homebuyer or single income mom with 2 small kids may have scrimped and saved for 3 years and cleaned our the piggybank to get the downpayment on this house. If they move in and 4-7 months later the furnace and roof shoot craps they are hurting "BIG-TIME".

It may also affect their ability to insure things or if they buy a warranty it may affect what is covered or not covered.

All other things being equal, a 30 year old house with a 2 year old roof, furnace and HVAC unit is more desirable than the same house with the original units.

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What Dan just said is right on the target. I just did a house yesterday. Built in 1968 and basically sound structure. Had a 2 year old condenser unit outside but a 37 year old gas furnace. It is to be a rental property. I have to consider not only the owner (landlord) but the tenants. The heat exchanger was showing extreme signs of age, rust scale, powder and the flame pattern was very poor. Lots of orange in the entire flame and not a typical pattern. Plus the circulating fan was literally clogged / compacted with petritous matter so much so that the air flow off the nearest ceiling register could not be felt. My recommendation after “identifying the age and condition” was to have a complete evaluation and / or servicing by a licensed HVAC contractor. I stressed throughout the report about the advanced age of the equipment and the need to budget for replacement. I also checked to see if there were CO detector/alarms present in the home. I just got off the phone with the buyer and he is very grateful for this information. It’s what we do. I feel a lot better knowing he is going to take the recommendations and possibly prevent a disaster down the road. We advice and what they do with the information is up to them.