Why Would There Be A Hot Spot On This Furnace?

Today I was inspecting an Armstrong Air oil fired furnace and on the outside ofthe casing the temp hits 265 degrees in one spot only (conveiniently already marked hot spot). So I’m thinking crack in the heat exchanger or burner chamber but the service company says the insides probably shifted a little over time closer to that wall of the casing. Any opinions. There used to be a humidifier mounted above this area but it is no longer installed.

I would think the burn mark and the temperature would be enough to call it out. Can you imagine a small child touching this accidentally? Heck even and adult…if I was buying the home and you did nothing about it, I would say “damn it even says HOT SPOT right on it!”

The great thing about our profession is that you don’t have to know EXACTLY what is wrong, just call it out as you see it as a safety issue. Imagine some paper accidently leaning up against this and catching fire…

Call it out as a safety and fire hazard…that is my guess since we don’t have oil furnaces or damn ANY furnaces here…:wink:

Russ, you gotta stop leaving the small kids in the attic during the winter! :mrgreen:
Allan, call it out as Russ said.

Alan -

Russell is 100% right on. Tell them its there; its a safety concern, then move on.

There was an unusual scorch mark or burn pattern on the outside of the furnace case. It was measured to be 265 degrees +/- (well beyond the temperature safety level for someone accidently brushing against it …. Burn potential) Dismantle the heating unit, service it, check the pressure, venting and exhaust system and then examine the heat exchanger and burners for cracks, blockage or other damage]. Service or Repair recommended by a competent and licensed heating specialist after he reads the report; and reviews the system conditions.

Sorry I thought furnaces where in basements…

Come to think of it… I guess they are in some parts of the country.
In my neck of the woods, basements are called indoor swimming-pools :slight_smile:

Already called it out as suggested. I was just looking for anyone who might have have had past experience and knew what would cause something like this.