Why ?

Enticed by some provincial advertising and some glossy travel brochures - my wife and I decided to visit Nova Scotia. We therefore crossed the US border in Cornwall - and travelled last week secondary roads through Vermont - New Hampshire and Main on our way to the Maritimes.

Except for the beautiful landscape - many homes and buildings in the little villages and towns along the US route appeared to be in neglected or dilapidated condition - and countless collapsed and abandoned wood frame structures have simply been left behind to obviously rot for years.

I would like to hear from home inspectors who are operating in these parts of the US to find out about the reason for the unpleasant observation.

Rudolf Reusse - Home Inspector since 1976 - Toronto / Canada

Wish I would’ve known you were coming my way, Rudolph. I would have liked to have met you and entertained. Chances are quite good that you drove by my place and near here, the newly renovated restaurant that my wife is head chef at. It’s casual fine dining with a totally new kitchen built by the new owners for my wife. Maybe next time!!

glad you enjoyed these areas, as to the buildings most likely the lack of money is the reason there are many poor people in these areas and if they are rental properties allot of landlords don’t care, also there are many abandoned propeties due to forclosure etc,as well as farming is no longer a major part of these areas.

It’s a funny thing. I live in a town that has million dollar town homes next to trailer parks.

The trailers won’t be there for long, their property taxes will go up because of the Town Houses.