WiFi Card

Recommendations anyone?

Looking to steal some internet…j/k…want to be able to do what Jeff Pope does…and when I get my new truck it will be much easier.


:shock: Is that truck photoshopped?

Nope…there are a couple of companies that do this to trucks…back in the day I had a 1996 super duty with 6 doors made by Centurion…coolest truck I have ever owned…I have my eyes on a new one as a present to myself as soon as I do something worthy :wink:


Take your pick Tony.

Any Personal recommendations BK?

Do I need 801.11b g f?

I am clueless when it comes to these things…what is the latest and greatest? Why are some 27 bucks and some 200 bucks…sigh.


Tony, I believe 802.11G is the is the fastest right now, 54mps. You realise with a wifi card you need to be close to the signal you want to use, usually not more than 200’ give or take.

And as with most things/gizmos buy a brand name one, better quality and service/replacement policies.

If you can get that belkin one at the top for $27.00 that should be more than ok.

Yes I realize it…I am in town more and more these days…and in between appts I would like to surf etc…plus DDN is sending me up to 3 draw inspections per day right now…and it would sure be nice to look at them from the truck…printer is next :wink: as the printer I use now is dying…thanks.

Here is my printer story. I use a big old inkjet printer that cost less than $100.00, I carry it in a carry on wheeled suitcase and print my reports onsite. I like the cheap inkjets because they are rugged and print fast. As they are cheap I do not care so much when I kill them.

Pixima 3000

I do the same BK…in purchasing inkjets I mean…I don’t print onsite, but I have been using lappie in truck for years…I throw them away when they need ink sometimes as the ink costs more than the printer! And no, I don’t want to learn how to refill myself…for all you refillers that read this.

The D-Link Super G Card will give you the best coverage. check it out.


I’m even more clueless. I thought you had to pay to get on those wifi networks like Starbux. Not true?

Many coffee shops (except Starbucks of course, they use t-mobile pay service), hotels, bars, libraries, etc offer free wi-fi now to entice you to come in. It does, of course, depend upon where you are located and just how ‘connected’ your city is. I use www.jiwire.com to locate free wi-fi near me and it shows 13 free wi-fi hotspots in Philadelphia and 172 here in Austin, go figure. There are also several other very good wi-fi locator websites. Anyway, there are tons of free (not stolen) wi-fi hotspots popping up all the time and most folks can find a free hotspot relatively easily.

Joe, you are correct you do have to pay, please send the funds to me.:stuck_out_tongue:


Joe Ferry,

Here is one for you to work on.
What are the legals for using someones unsecured wi-fi?

Most people have so much trouble getting their wireless working, they never change things to make them secure. I pick up 4-6 unsecured wi-fi’s sitting in the home inspection drive!


Now, how do you prevent someone from tapping in to your wi-fi signal?

You put a lock on it. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to look it up again, but there is a code you put in to keep people out.

It’s called a WEP key.

It can be broken, but not easily.

Again, how do you do it?

How do you prevent it?

By going wired and removing your wireless access point.

How do you make it much more difficult?

  1. Assign a WEP key.
  2. Give it a unique SSID and do not broadcast it.
  3. Limit the # of clients to the number of PC’s on your network.
  4. Restrict your site to the MAC addresses of the network cards in your PC’s.
  5. Enclose your house in lead or a net of copper mesh.