Hi Guys:
Does anyone use a “WIGGY” Voltage tester and if you have one are they worth the 40.00 - 50.00 bucks they want for one.
I lost my simple little voltage tester on an inspection and I am looking to replace it.

I’ve had one for a million years and actually use it quite often…pretty indestructible…imo…however not sure You really need one for home inspections…I’m sure the sparkies would have a good suggestion or two…jim

Absolutely. Had one for several decades. Doesn’t react to phantom voltages like simple neon testers do.
$24.74 with free shipping if order is over $25](http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000KII9SM)

I don’t do attics or crawl spaces without one, not to mention tapping the front panel of electric service, and if you have ever been in an older kitchen with metal cover plates you should tap them as well.
Better safe than sorry.

Had an inspector friend in Orlando that found the hose bibb out side was charged.

I never owned a Wiggy and never will.

I like the simple (one handed) AC testers.

Sorry, I thoughtyou were talking about “The Donald” my bad :wink:



that is what I use have always heard it called wiggy or ticker

ticker yes wiggy no

No…my post shows you an AC tracer, Michaels’ post (#3) shows you a Wiggy.

2 completely different tools.

I have a tick tracer, a sure test 165, and a wiggy. I use the sure test all the time, the tracer I like for exposed wires in crawl spaces and attics. The wiggy usually sits in my truck, I use it more when doing electrical work.

I have a couple of those Dave, their nice.

Yes they are…and convenient.

I find that I use this tester on almost every inspection. They’re especially nice on locating ungrounded ceiling fans.