Equipment recommendations?

Anyone willing to recommend reliable, hi-value, accurate…etc…

  1. Circuit checker (need 220 and 110)?

  2. Moisture meter?


Cliff you may get 100 replies…

As far as cirduit tester, you can go a couple ways, some guys get the little plug in ones with 3 lights, which are OK, but they can miss some wiring issues. My load out is:
Wiggy, a plug in tester with lights, and a voltage tester, non contact variety just to see if something is live, not verry pricey although my wiggy is like 20 years old i have no idea what they cost. and a I would not reccoment a volt meter as for this application can be inaccurate…

Moisture meter, lots of brands out there, typically yopu will not be putting a moisture content % in your report, but you can go cheap and spend like $30-$40 on one or maybe $150 ish , the cheaper one will work but may not hold up as long.

Main thing is, have the equipment, play with it at home, know how to read it, and most importantly KNOW HOW TI INTERPERIT THE READINGS before you get to thee inspection.

Thanks for the info.

If you have the money buy the good stuff. As a new inspector I bought some lower end stuff. They work great, I got my moneys worth, but I have already had to buy better tools.

Good advice.

Purchase a SureTest 61-165 and a “Wiggy” (solenoid voltmeter).

As for a moisture meter, you will likely find that the Surveymaster is a perfect fit for the Home Inspector.

Not necessarily from these vendors, you can shop these items around and spend a bit less.

I though one was suppose to start with just a flashlight and a screwdriver I did. Oh sorry the flashlight had not been invented when I started

Me too, but I also had a laser pointer :D. Don’t ask me why, I just did.

Use of specialized Tools are not part of the Inspection…
Tools are used as a Confirmation of findings…


Ah find me some RP without the use of a tool;-)


When I started I went through the SOP and broke it down in parts. I then decided what tools I felt I needed to adequately assist me in performing each part of the inspection.

The most important tool you need is knowledge

yeah but the question was specifically moisture meter and electrical tester. But I suppose knowledge and flashlight would come first, probably ladder too, LOL.

Reverse Polarity???

I have never heard that reference that RP = reverse polarity
maybe an Okie thing…
learn something new every day…

As far as moisture meter go with a better meter. Make sure the meter are you interested in is not just for wood. I had to get rid of my cheap pinless moisture meter from Extech and bought this.

Thanks. Looks good. What do you think ofthis?

I looked it up and it does not seem like it is pinless (which I prefer) and also its good for wood only. So if are checking moisture under ceramic tiles in a bathroom, you are out of luck. See link below.

You are correct, this model does not have a pinless option.

thanks, I missed that.