Will you be ready for Home Inspection's in the future

Will a Home Inspection include inspections of electric vehicle charging systems in the future?****

**Electric Vehicle Charging System
The electrical conductors and equipment external to an electric vehicle
that connect an electric vehicle to a supply of electricity by conductive or inductive means, and the installation of equipment and devices related to electric vehicle charging.

Are you seeing these systems in dwelling garages or in commercial buildings?

lol…yeah I am sure they are seeing them everyday Joe…

Joe I expect you and I will long dead before, if ever! these are common.


Conversation! The future will hold new challenges for home inspectors, and for those who are planning on commercial inspections this would be part of the inspection.

I’ll bet that there are many of these systems in dwelling garages around the USA, probably in California for sure. Paul if you want to add to the discussion go ahead, remember the future of the industry!

They will inspect that it is present and functions…thats about it. The Municipal Inspector will inspect that it is up to code.

How do you know what the industry will dictate in the future! The subject of this thread was for discussion.

And if I am not mistaken i am discussing it.

Thanks Joe but in case you forget we are home inspectors who are just trying to stay up with todays concerns.
Helping each other on what is happening now is very important to most of us and the many new inspectors who are just trying to learn how to do inspections.
Unfortunately I think many times you forget electrical is very important to us but we also have many other concerns that are every bit as important too.


About 10 years ago, we had a contractor meeting where these companies came and foretold of a future where there would be an electric car in every garage and electricians would be wiring up chargers and charging stations similar to gas stations…it never happened.

I think that by the time they are able to bring this to market, it will take a small portion of the market as other technology will prevail.

I’ve seen several of these, mostly 240V systems, but don’t pay much attention to them. They’re not much more than an “outlet,” although I’ve seen a couple that were separatly metered.

I agree.

Thanks Jeff, that’s a good start. Do you have any pictures of that system?

PS: I will be in Ontario, CA and Orange County, CA next week, come on down!

I bet virtually all of these will be installed without any AHJ involvement.
PV systems are the same way.