Williams Oil-O-Matic Boiler

Anyone have an idea of age of this Williams boiler? Model #C 4, Serial #2631. Cannot find much online.

I didn’t look through these resources, but they may provide some hints. It doesn’t really matter the exact year though. We know it is very old and may be unreliable. Parts may be hard or impossible to get. In addition, the techs that know how to make these work properly are getting few and far between. I would put in your report that you recommend professional servicing by a qualified oil furnace technician, or something like that.





Lol… 186 years? Yeah, what Ryan said - exact age doesn’t really matter. It’s well past its usual service life, inefficient, hard to find parts for, etc, etc.

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That is about what I said in the report about being old and past its life expectancy. First time I have seen a Williams Oil-O-Matic. Just more curious of age. House was built in 1910. Thank you for the input.

Time-to-upgrage age. Does it pass CO test :slight_smile:

Haha. 186 years? More curious too age as I have never ran across an Oil-O Matic before.

I suppose original is unlikely but probably at the first turn to replace a coal or sawdust burner. An old HVAC contractor once gave me a great tip: Basements that had coal/sawdust burners will have a big window or door for the material to be loaded through. All small windows and it probably didn’t have one. This helps the guys doing underground oil tank locates in my area.